10+ Latest Wood Flooring Ideas for Living Room : Make Your Room Perfect

A living room holds a unique space in the entire house. You welcome your guests and tell them to sit in this room. So, a well-decorated living room can create a good impression on your guests and make them exceptionally comfortable in this room. 

The living room can also be used for activities like watching TV with family or playing games with friends.

So choosing the best flooring in your living room is quite important. Wooden floors can give a sophisticated look to your living room. The natural charm and warmth of the wood is quite appealing.

Wooden floors in your living room are the perfect foundation for any interior design and decor. 

The article discusses wood flooring ideas for the living room. So, you can keep reading this article to know some of the best wood floor ideas you can apply to your living room and create a unique and wonderful space.

What Are The 9 Best Wood Flooring Ideas For Living Room?

The living room is the most used compared to all other rooms in your dwelling. It is a room where you spend time with your family or guests. So choosing good flooring is quite essential. Wood flooring is among the most popular and classy choices by most homeowners.

But, Selecting wood flooring for your living room is quite daunting. It is because you need to consider various factors while selecting, like the size of the living room, timber color, and many more. 

The key to choosing the right wood flooring is to balance style and practicality.

However, we have listed below the ten best wood flooring ideas for living room.

1. Lay Geometric Parquet

Do you want to add sophisticated wood paten to your living room? If yes, then have a wooden floor with a geometric parquet design.

This design represents the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century. The marble floor was replaced by this design to reduce labor-intensive costs in the palace.

 But the downside at that time was that it was costly. So, only royalty people in the 17th century could afford it. However, wood flooring with geometric parquet design is used in traditional and modern dwellings today. Here, parquet design means wooden flooring with angular and geometric patterns.

2. Choose Engineered Board

Engineered wood flooring combines solid wood and engineered wood. It comprises several wooden layers, on which the top layer is hardwood or solid wood.

The core layer is composed of either pine wood or spruce wood. They are not adversely affected during moisture and temperature changes like solid hardwood.

Whenever you think of engineered wood flooring for your living room, you will have various customization in color, finish, cut, texture, and surface finish. 

Simultaneously, there are different color options, like dark chocolate brown and walnut. So, you can choose according to the decor of the living room. Another great thing about the engineered wooden flooring is they are robust and relatively easy to clean.

So, consider engineering wooden flooring if your living room is small and you want to brighten it up.

3. Try Light, Wide Planks

Whenever you select wood flooring, consider the plank width and wood grain as they affect the look and feel of your living room.

If you want a uniform look in your living room, consider buying wide plank boards of light color. Its long lines can give an architectural look to the room. Additionally, installing wide wooden board planks can create an illusion of more space inside your living room.

4. Add Pattern With Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone pattern wooden flooring has been quite popular for many years. The wooden boards are cut into rectangles. They are staggered so their sides meet, resulting in a herringbone pattern. You will get an array of options for this design, like type of timber, color, surface texture, and many more.

5. Pick Bamboo Wood

Bamboo is grass, but it is one of the most popular wood flooring for your living room.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and can be produced entirely within five years. 

They are durable, and hence they are an excellent choice to be used in your living room, dining and bedroom. However, they are not waterproof. Therefore, you cannot use the bathroom or areas where it is more susceptible to water.

If you wish to have wooden flooring, consider strand-woven bamboo. You can use vertical laminate, horizontal laminate, or strand woven.

Strand woven bamboo wood flooring is one of the hardest natural wood floors. So use it in your living room to extend for several years.

6. Choose Solid Oak

You can use solid wood floors like solid oak to give a rustic feel to your living room. Solid oak has been used for centuries by many homeowners. Its grain structure and golden hue are pretty attractive.

 Like red wine, the solid oak flooring even enhances its look and grain structure with time.

They are even easy to maintain. You can remove dust from solid oak floors by vacuuming, sweeping, or steam cleaning. 

Another great thing is that they are durable, i.e., they will last more than ten years. You can even refinish or sand the solid oak flooring as often.

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7. Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

Do you want an alternative of solid wood or engineered wood for your living room? If yes, then use wood-effect porcelain tiles. 

They are strong, durable, and will not have any scratches like solid wood. They will not even fade or lose color when exposed to harsh sunlight. Your living room floor will look beautiful for many more years.

Another great thing is they are available in various shades and patterns. So, you can choose according to the decor of the living room.

So if your living room is exposed to a lot of traffic, then wood effect porcelain tiles are best to install.

8. Try A Wood Effect Vinyl Floor

Wood effect vinyl floor is another great way to feel natural wood in your living room. They are available in shades, i.e., light to dark oak, grey, white, and many more. 

Vinyl flooring is durable, flexible, and available in numerous colors and designs.

Wood effect vinyl floors are much cheaper in comparison to solid wood. So you can use them in your living room with little budget. They are also easy to maintain. So you will have no issue with cleaning.

9. Warm Up Your Wood Floor With Rug

Wood floors are pretty cold to put your bare feet on in extremely cold seasons, especially if you don’t have an underfloor heating system. 

You can lay rugs on the floor to add warmth and coziness to your living room. 

It will even bring a new pattern or color to the laid wooden tiles without changing the actual design of the wood. Rugs even increase the sound insulation of the floor in your living room.

10. White Wood Floor 

Painting a wood floor with white color can make your living room feel breezy and bright. Try to use a floor paint that is highly durable and hardwearing.

What Are The Advantages Of Having Wood Flooring In Your Living Room?

The advantages of having wood flooring in your living room are as follows.

1. Attractive

Wood flooring is quite beautiful and gives your living room an elegant and cozy space. They can match any decor in your living space, i.e., traditional or modern. 

The best thing is that wood flooring is available in various designs like herringbone, parquet, and many more. There are even huge colors and shades of wood flooring, and you must choose according to your preferences.

2. Durability

Wood floors are usually durable and will last a minimum of 10 years. However, they depend on the type of wood flooring you choose and how you maintain them.

Wooden boards are usually thick and dense, which means you can sand down or refinish them when they show signs of damage.

3. Comfortable

Wooden floors are pretty comfortable when you are barefoot. It will not give you comforts like soft rugs or carpets, but it can provide cozy warmth compared to ceramic tiles, stone, and laminate.

4. Maintenance

Wood flooring is relatively easy to clean. You can keep them dust-free simply by sweeping them or wiping them with a damp old cloth.

Disadvantages Of Wood Flooring In Living Room

1. Expensive 

Wood flooring is quite costly compared to other flooring options.

2. Sound Insulation Properties

Wood flooring has low sound insulation properties. They are pretty noisy when you walk on it. However, if you glue various wood boards during installation, then it will increase sound absorbing capacity. They will add thermal insulation to your room.


Wooden floors are one of the classy choices in the living room. Their natural warmth and charm can add decor to your house.

Choose wood flooring that will last several years and are relatively easy to maintain.

We have listed some of the best wood flooring ideas for living room. 

You can choose and implement any idea on your living room floor to enhance the beauty.

FAQ : Wood Flooring Ideas for Living Room

Q1. Which wooden flooring is best for the living room?

Ans : Oak flooring is the best option for your living room. They are durable, easy to maintain, and available in various shades and styles.

Q2.  Is wood flooring good for the living room?

Ans : Wooden flooring is one of the most popular and correct choices for living rooms. They are beautiful and timeless and can blend with any decor.

Q3. How long do wood floors last?

Ans : The finish on the hardwood floors usually lasts for 7-10 years. If the hardwood floors are exposed to traffic or harsh sunlight, you must refinish it often.
The hardwood floors will last for almost 60 years if you do refinishing within a gap of 10 years.

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