How To Fix Garage Door Gaps On Sides, Top & Bottoms

you have gaps on the garage door sides, rain, insects, or rodents will enter inside again and make it dirty. It can even deteriorate any essential products kept inside the garage

1. Inspect The Gaps In The Garage Door

Detecting gaps in a garage door is relatively easy. Well, there are 4 methods to detect the gap in your garage door.

Go inside the garage and close the door on a sunny day. Switch off the lights inside the garage. If you find some spaces on the garage door where sunlight enters, you must fix it as soon as possible.


External drafts in the cold winter season can be a sign of gaps in the garage door


– If you find that sound can easily pass from outside to inside your garage or vice versa, mainly when the garage doors are closed, then it's a sign of gaps in the garage door that you must fix.


4. Prepare The Seal For placement

Now, it's time to install the new seal. You have to measure the length of the door once again with a retractable measuring tape.  Your next duty is to cut the weather stripping according to the length that you have measured. You can cut the seal with the help of a utility knife or a circular saw.