11+ Effective Ways On How To Soundproof Windows

Most people are doing their office work from the comfort of their homes. But you cannot concentrate on your work when you have noisy neighbors, heavy traffic, or a construction site near your home.

Sometimes the outdoor noise becomes unbearable, making you irritable and angry. A National Institute of Health study reported that excess noise can affect cognitive function. So it’s pretty important to always stay in a peaceful and calm place.

Most of the sound comes from your windows. So, it’s best to have soundproof windows.

Soundproofing windows will block all the outside noise, and thus you can concentrate better on your work. Additionally, they can sleep if you have a baby or an ill person.

Now the question comes to how to soundproof windows. There are various ways to soundproof your windows, like installing weather stripping or using soundproof curtains to block outdoor noise.

The article discusses various ways how to soundproof windows. So keep scrolling through this article to learn multiple ways to dampen the outside noise through windows.

How To Soundproof Windows?

Are you staying in a noisy environment? If yes, noise can make you irritate. You can even have migraine or headaches often because of excess noise.

That is why we have listed above 11 ways how to soundproof windows.

1. Use Acoustic Caulk

Do you find any gaps or cracks in your windows? If yes, you must seal the gaps to block the outside noise. One of the excellent ways to do so is by using acoustic caulk.

First, clean the dust and dirt from your window frame and apply the acoustic caulk at a 45-degree angle. You need to fill all the gaps and cracks that allow air to enter. Smooth the acoustic caulk with the help of a butterknife which will enable it to dry completely. 

Now the air cannot enter through the gaps and cracks of your windows; thus, the outside noise is reduced.

If you have applied an old caulk before, then scrape it before using the new acoustic caulk.

If we talk about regular caulking they are cheaper but can harden and develop more gaps or cracks in the future. But acoustic caulk is latex-based and doesn’t get hard with time.

 Another great thing about using acoustic caulk is that it doesn’t shrink; hence, it will not create many gaps in the future like regular caulking. You will get acoustic caulk for approximately $10, which is quite affordable. 

You don’t need any professional to apply acoustical caulk to your windows. You can do it yourself to soundproof your windows.

2. Line Your Window With Weather Stripping Tape

Another excellent option to soundproof your windows is the usage of weather-stripping tape.

It also works wonders in filling all the air gaps and seals on your windows and thus reduces outside noise.

Weather strips usually comprise foam or rubber. They are mainly designed to stop water leaking. But you can even use it to soundproof your windows. You can even use acoustic caulk and weather-stripping tape to make it more efficient in blocking noise from your window.

You have first to clean the window jambs and then cut the weather-stripping tape of the desired length with the help of scissors. You can install it on your windows to fill all the air gaps and cracks.

3. Install Double Pane Windows

Do you have single-pane windows in your home, and you are disturbed because of outdoor noise? If yes, you must replace your single pane windows with double pane.

Double pane windows consist of two layers of glass and have 12-16mm of air gap in between. The air gap acts as an insulating area and helps to block outside noise. Double panes usually have an STC score of 28-34.

But there is one limitation. Investing in double-pane windows is quite expensive. Depending on the window style and size, you need to spend approximately $300 to $2000.Additionally, you need to take professional help installing double panes in your windows.

4. Window Plug

Window plug is a DIY solution that you can do to keep the outside noise in control. But you cannot use it permanently as it covers your entire window.

Window plugs include a thin board, acoustic mat, and acoustic foam. You need to cut a thin board according to the size of your window and then attach an acoustic mat with the help of glue.

You need to install handles on the thin board’s backside to install it easily. Window plugs are highly effective in absorbing sound. Another advantage is that you can use it when required and pull it when you don’t like to use it.

But simultaneously, it has a few limitations. It will block the entire daylight that comes from your windows. The window plug does not even look aesthetically pleasing.

5. Use Soundabsorbing Curtains

Putting curtains on your windows helps to prevent outdoor noise and echoes. But thicker curtains will better absorb the sound. But ensure the curtains cover your entire window with a few extra spaces on each side.

There are various types of thick curtains that you can use to block sound. We are listing them below.

  • Black-out curtains (thick curtains that can reduce both noise and light)
  • Velvet curtains(Comprised of cotton or polyester and are available in solid colors. They can effectively block outdoor noise)
  • Acoustic curtains (They can reduce both indoor and outdoor sound. These curtains are made of several layers that can even block light. The price of the acoustic curtains starts from $180.

6. Use Soundproof Blankets

Soundproof blankets comprise heavy materials like polyester or mineral wool which can effectively absorb outdoor noise. You can hang them on the curtain rod of your windows so that they can block noise.

7. Install Thick Window Blinds

Installing thick window blinds or shades can effectively absorb outdoor noise. Honeycomb shades are usually best as it absorbs almost 70 percent of outdoor noise. Some people prefer to use Roman shades. We will recommend using thick Roman shades to absorb the sound better. They even add good color to your room.

You can use thick window blinds or shades and soundproofing curtains to absorb the outdoor noise more efficiently.

8. Move Your Heavy Furniture

Too much noise can irritate you. But everyone can’t install soundproofing curtains or thick window blinds. Well, there is a good solution for these people. 

You can move your heavy furniture, like a sofa or bookshelf, near the window to block noise. Heavy furniture has a thick mass which can effectively reduce outdoor noise. You can even lay a thick rug on the floor to dampen noise. Hang some of your favorite tapestries to reduce some noise. 

9. Install Interior Window Inserts

Some people are usually reluctant to use double pane glass in the window. Well, in such cases, window inserts can be the perfect choice. Window inserts are sliding panes that you can install on your existing window. You need to install it by leaving it 5 inches from the glass. The space left between the insert and the glass will capture the sound waves and not allow sound to enter your room.

But installing a window insert is a bit expensive. You need to spend between $300 to $500 to install a window insert in one window. But it is cheaper compared to the installation of the dual glass pane.

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10. Apply Vinyl Window Film

The vinyl film works similarly to a sticker. You need to cut the vinyl film to the proper size and adhere it to the window surfaces. Vinyl film helps to reduce vibrations and outdoor noise effectively.

You will find various options for vinyl window film, including colored, opaque, and transparent ones.

11. Install Acoustic Panels 

You can hang acoustic panels on the walls of your windows to block sound waves. These panels are made from quilted fiberglass, which is much thicker than the curtains.


Are you struggling with outside noise? If yes, you must install either vinyl window film, double pane glass, and many more options on your window to block noise.

But if your budget is tight, you can use acoustic caulk or weather-stripping tape to block the outside noise.

Reducing noise will help to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your home where you can relax with your family embers or concentrate entirely on your office work. 

FAQ : How To Soundproof Windows

Q1. Can windows be 100% soundproof?

Ans : No, windows cannot be 100 percent soundproof. Various options are available, like sound-dampening curtains or double pane glass, which you can install on your windows to block sound almost by 90 to 95 percent. 
Again sounds with low frequencies, like garbage trucks, are a bit challenging to dampen sound compared to sounds with high frequencies, like bird chirping.

Q2. How do I stop traffic noise in my house?

Ans : You can reduce the traffic noise by using sound-dampening curtains in your room or sealing all the cracks and gaps near the windows with acoustic caulk. You can even use double or triple-glaze windows to muffle the sound.

Q3. Are soundproof curtains real?

Ans : Soundproof curtains are heavy and have an extra middle layer to block sound. The middle layer comprises vinyl or cloth materials, which will somewhat reduce the outdoor noise.

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