How To Soundproof An Apartment Door : 12 Effective Method

Staying in an apartment comes with various pros and cons. You will get plenty of amenities, extra security, less maintenance, and many more facilities, which is impossible in stand-alone buildings.

But you may have to deal with noisy neighbors. Sometimes you may work from home, and the noise from neighbors distracts you so much that you cannot concentrate on work. The noise even disturbs during sleeping hours which is quite irritating.

In such cases, you can soundproof your apartment door to minimize the noise levels from your neighbor.

So, how to soundproof an apartment door? There are various ways to soundproof the door. It includes the usage of weatherstripping tape, hanging soundproof blankets, installing acoustic panels, and many more.

The article discusses how to soundproof an apartment door. So, you can keep reading this article to learn more regarding various techniques by which you can soundproof the door and reduce noise levels from entering your house.

How To Soundproof An Apartment Door?

Staying in an apartment is not always easy. The noise from the neighbors disturbs you during sleeping hours or while working for the office. Consistent listening to noise makes you irritate. Sometimes the noise worsens, affecting your physical and mental health.

The door is the main pathway for soundwaves to enter your home. If you stay in rent, then you cannot make structural changes to your apartment door; otherwise, you will be sued by the house owner.

Well, you don’t need to worry about it. You can try a few affordable things on your apartment door to minimize the noise levels. We are listing them below.

1. Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is one of the most affordable, easiest, and superfast ways to block outside noise levels coming from your apartment door. It is usually made from rubber, and you need to install them around the door to create a proper air seal.

The weather stripping will prevent sound waves from entering and leaving the house. The best thing about weather stripping is that they are affordable and easy to install.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use weatherstripping on your door frame.

  • Measure the length, width, and height o the door.
  • Cut the weather stripping according to the measurements with the help of a utility knife.
  • Weatherstripping usually has adhesive on one size. You can peel it off to stick it on the door frame. Try to cover every part of your door frame.
  • Double-check the installation of weatherstripping. Ensure it should be installed straight on the door frame.

2. Cover Your Door With Soundproof Blanket

Hanging a soundproofing blanket on the apartment door is another way to minimize the noise levels.

The soundproofing blankets are usually made from fiberglass. Try to hang them on the door using velcro or hooks. Always prefer to use heavy blankets on the door. The heavier the blankets, the more effective it will dampen noise levels.

These soundproof blankets are super easy to use. You can remove them from the door when not required.

3. Hang Heavy Curtains

If you don’t like hanging soundproof blankets, another alternative exists. Try to hang a heavy soundproofing curtain on your door to minimize noise levels. Remember, the fabric need to be as heavy as possible to dampen nose level. Additionally, the curtains should cover the entire door and reach the floor.

Here is a step guide on hanging heavy soundproofing curtains on the apartment door.

  • Your first duty is to measure the door correctly. You need to measure the door from one side to another and then from top to bottom. For instance, if your door measurement is 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall, you must purchase 38 inches wide and 82 inches tall curtains.
  • Purchase the curtains wisely. Always prefer to choose heavy fabrics like velvet or satin as they dampen the noise.
  • Hang the curtains.

4. Use Soundabsorbing Paint

You can use sound-absorbing paint on your apartment door to reduce noise levels. The best thing is it is available in various colors. So, you can choose the one which matches your decor.

Remember usage of soundproofing paint on your apartment door is not a permanent solution. It will only reduce noise levels for a short period. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on using sound-absorbing paint on your apartment door.

  • Remove the old paint with the help of coarse grit sandpaper. You need to rub the sandpaper in circular motions to remove old paint.
  • Take a tack cloth or an old rag and remove all the dust and dirt from the apartment door. This process is quite necessary. If the door has dust and dirt, then the paint will not properly adhere to the door surface.
  • Apply the acoustic primer on the door and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • You can then apply the soundproofing paint by using a roller or paintbrush.
  • It will take almost one to three days to complete the whole process. The process usually depends on weather conditions. If the weather is hot, then the paint dries quickly. You can even speed up the drying process by using your hair dryer.

5. Replace Hollow Door With Solid One

If you live in your apartment and noise creates a lot of disturbance in your house, you need to think of soundproofing your apartment door.

If you have a hollow door, it becomes pretty easy for soundwaves to enter the room.

You need to replace it with a solid door. The solid door is usually made from hardwood plywood and is better at muffling noise. But the solid door cost is relatively high compared to a hollow one.

6. Automatic Door Bottom

There are usually gaps left on the bottom of the door. These gaps allow the noise to enter the room quickly.

Installing an automatic door bottom seal is an effective way to reduce noise levels. They are spring-loaded seals that will clear the floor when the door opens and seal tight the bottom of the door when closed.

7. Use Acoustic Panels

You can use acoustic panels to soundproof your apartment door. They are large sheets that can be easily cut according to the size of your apartment door.

The acoustic panels are usually made from polyester, fiberglass, or mineral wool. These materials have tiny holes that help to dampen the noise levels. You can install acoustic panels on either or both sides of the door.

But there is one downside of using acoustic panels. They don’t look good when you install them on the door.

So if you are concerned about the look of the apartment door, you must consider other options for soundproofing.

Well, we are discussing a step-by-step guide on how to use acoustic panels to soundproof your apartment door.

  • You need to cut the acoustic panel to the correct size. You can use a utility knife for cutting. 
  • You can use glue or double-sided tape to stick the acoustic panel on the door.
  • You can even use nails to attach the acoustic panels to the door.  

8. Arrange Furniture

One of the most stylish strategies to soundproof your room is to arrange furniture wisely. You can move the heavy pieces of furniture like sofas closer to the main door. This heavy furniture can help to dampen sound waves coming from outside.

9. Use Foam Tiles

You can install foam tiles on your door. They will significantly help to dampen the sound waves. The installation of foam tiles on the door is similar to that of the door. You can use adhesive Velcro to attach foam tiles to the door.

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10. Mass Loaded Vinyl

You can attach mass-loaded vinyl sheets inside and outside the door to dampen the sound waves. 

MLV usually comes in rolls and is quite easy to install. They will not all bulkiness to the door. The mass-loaded vinyl sheets will act as a barrier to the noise, and the sheets will dampen the noise before entering your room. 

We are listing a step-by-step guide about the installation of mass-loaded vinyl sheets.

  • Your first duty is to measure the door correctly. You need to measure from sideways and from top to bottom. It will show you how much material is required to install MLV sheets.
  • Cut the MLV sheet according to your measurements with the help of a utility knife.
  • Clean the door surface properly to remove all the dust and dirt. You can dip an old clean cloth in soap water solution to clean the dust on the door. Ensure to remove all the soap residues from the door.
  • Allow the door to dry thoroughly.
  • Apply adhesive on the door. Ensure to apply the adhesive smoothly on the door.
  • Try to install MLV sheets on the door now. The MLV must stick to the adhesive properly.

11. Add Door Gasket

The door gasket is usually made either from rubber or foam. It is attached between the door and frame to prevent outside noise and drafts from entering your house. It even does allow the sound waves inside your apartment to go outside.

We are listing a step-by-step guide about the installation of a door gasket.

  • You must measure the door height correctly to cut the door gasket accordingly. You need to cut the strip accurately. It cannot correctly fit between the door and door frame if it is too short or too long.
  • Start drilling holes in the door gasket so that it will securely attach to the door frame.
  • Apply silicone beads on the inside of the door frame.
  • Now you can seam the door gasket using a credit card or a seaming tool.
  • Allow the silicon to dry to open and close the door properly. If you are impatient, then some freshly installed gaskets can come off.

12. Add Door Sweep

One of the simplest and easiest ways to soundproof your door is by adding a door sweep on the bottom of your door. The door sweep is usually made from rubber or foam and is helpful in dampening sound waves. 

It even does not allow the soundwaves to go out of your room. They are available in various designs and colors. You can purchase them easily from a home improvement store at an affordable price.

You need to follow the steps for installing the door sweep.

  • Measure the width of the doorways.
  • Purchase the door sweep accordingly.
  • Install it in place by drilling holes.

Reasons For Soundproofing Your Apartment Door

Soundproofing an apartment door can create a peaceful environment in your house. You don’t need to hear what happens in your hall or other apartments consistently. We are discussing below a few benefits of soundproofing your apartment door.

1. Helps To Sleep Peacefully

If you stay in the apartment and the neighbor next to you usually does party till midnight, that disturbs your sleep. So in such cases soundproofing your apartment door can help to block unwanted sound waves.

2. Increases Property Value

If you have soundproofed your apartment door and then wish to give rent, then your property value surely will increase.

3. Peace In Your Room

You don’t need to hear quarrels or loud music from your neighbor’s house. Most people want peace in their homes to rest or work comfortably. Soundproofing your apartment door enables you to have peace in your home.


Soundproofing an apartment door is quite rewarding. It will help to prevent noise from entering and leaving your apartment.

We have discussed various ways how to soundproof an apartment door. You can use any technique and soundproof your door for peace in your home.

Q1. How can I make my apartment door soundproof?

Ans : You can make your apartment door soundproof, like installing acoustic panels or moving heavy furniture toward the doorways. You can even use sound-absorbing paint on your door to minimize noise.

Q2.  How can I make my door more soundproof?

Ans : You can make your door more soundproof by replacing a solid door in place of a hollow door. Other ways include adding a soundproofing blanket on the door or installing acoustic panels.

Q3. How can I soundproof my sleeping room?

Ans : You can soundproof your sleeping room in various ways. For instance, you can hang soundproof curtains on doors and windows. You can even throw heavy rugs or carpets. 

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