9 Ways On How To Paint Garage Walls : Easy & Simple Ways

The garage is an essential space in your home. You can house and protect various things inside the garage, like cars, sports gear, lawn equipment, etc.

But most house owners neglect the garage interior, and some never paint the garage walls.

But a fresh coat of new paint on the garage walls can convert your garage into a pleasing and inviting atmosphere.

Painting your garage walls has various benefits like it will look quite appealing compared to unfinished and ugly walls. You can easily wash your walls after applying paint to them.

The article discusses how to paint garage walls. So, you can keep on scrolling through this article to know step by step about the procedure for painting garage walls.

What Things Should I Keep In Mind While Painting Garage Walls?

The barren walls of the garage look pretty ugly, boring and will never create a good impression on your guests. Well, you can easily paint your garage walls and convert your garage into an appealing space. It will be more presentable when your guests are inside your garage.

Painting your garage walls is not at all a difficult job. If you have little time and patience, you can paint the garage walls without professional help. However, you need to know various things before painting. We are listing them below.

  • Most garage walls have sheetrock or drywall taped using two small coats of joint compound. Putting the paint directly over it will look terrible. So, in such a case, you have to put a little effort into finishing the drywall and then painting. 
  • You need to use exterior acrylic latent paints to paint your garage walls as It is thick, tough, and better resistant to mild dew. But exterior latex paints are toxic in comparison to interior paints. So, you need to keep the door open while painting garage walls. Additionally, switch on the fan to provide good ventilation.
  • You need to consider the temperature while planning to paint the walls. For instance, if you are staying in a locality whose temperature drops below freezing temperature, then it’s better to paint your garage walls in the spring season. 

Again if it is too hot to work inside your garage, it’s better to paint your garage walls in cold months. Most manufacturers usually recommend minimum and maximum temperatures for painting garage walls. Painting your walls outside the temperature range can hinder the paint-curing process.

  • If the drywalls of your garage are entirely new and have never been painted, then you need to use a primer. You can use polyvinyl acetate primer on the walls. Using a primer will help the paint to better adhere to the walls. Using a good primer and exterior latex paints will look good and last years.
  • If the walls of your garage have cracks or seals, then try to use a primer to look the paint more finish.
  • If you have painted earlier dark colors on your garage wall and want to paint some light colors, use a primer first and then paint the wall for better results.

How To Paint Garage Walls?

Painting your garage walls can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. So you want to paint your garage walls to give a new life to the barren walls? If yes, then we are discussing step-by-step procedures for painting garage walls. Let’s look at them below.

1. Prepare For Painting

You have to do specific preparation before painting walls on your garage floor. We are slitting them below.

  • Remove everything which you have stored in your garage, including vehicles.
  • Cover everything you don’t want to paint, like your garage doorways, windows, and electrical outlets.
  • Lay plastic sheets to protect your garage floor.

2. Clean Your Walls

You need to clean your walls properly; otherwise, dust and dirt on your wall can get inside the paint and prevent it from properly adhering.

But don’t use abrasive chemicals or water hose to clean the walls. Remember, high pressure of water used for cleaning walls can damage the drywall tape and delicate surfaces.

Well, you can use a Shop vac with a brush attachment to clean the dust from the garage wall. You can then wipe your garage wall with a clean cotton cloth dipped in soap water. You have then to wipe the wall with clean and normal water.

Allow the wall to dry, and then thoroughly investigate any cracks and holes. If there are any small cracks or holes in the holes, then you have to fill them with a spackling compound. 

Make the area smooth by sanding and then cleaning all the dust. But you must contact a professional to repair your garage floor if there are larger cracks or holes. 

3. Choose paint

Choosing the correct paint and tools is necessary to paint your garage floor effectively. We list a few things you need to remember before beginning to paint your garage floors.

  • You must choose good quality latex paint for painting your garage walls. It is because they are not only durable but also dry fast. You can even clean any stains or dirt quite easily from these paints.
  • Try to choose a light color to paint your garage walls. It will make the garage look brighter and enlarged. However, you must also consider the paint color of the rest of your house while choosing the color for your garage floor. The color you will choose should match the color and design of the other rooms of your house.
  • Always use a primer, especially if you have bare, dry walls. The use of primer will ensure proper adhesion on dry walls.
  • If you have applied oil base paint on your garage walls earlier, you need to sand it first and then apply a bonding primer.
  • You need first to collect a few tools that are pretty essential for painting the garage walls. The tools include a paint roller, roller extension pole, paint stirrer(for mixing paint properly), angle paint brush(to apply paint on edges), and a paint tray(for holding paint).

4. Apply Primer On Your Garage Walls

Stir the primer properly and then pour it into the paint tray. Take your angle paint brush, dip it in the paint tray, and apply primer on the corners or edges where the roller cannot reach properly.

Once you apply small areas, start to use primer on other areas of your garage wall with the help of a roller. Try to work in small areas and overlap every stroke to spread the primer evenly throughout the garage walls. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly for 4-5 hours.

5. Paint Your Garage Walls

You have applied primer to your bare walls. Now it’s time to paint them. We have listed below the procedures you must follow to paint your garage walls.

  • Stir the paint properly and then pour it into the paint tray.
  • Take your angle paint brush, dip it in the paint tray, and apply it on the edges and corners of the wall. You need to apply all those areas where the roller is challenging to reach.
  • Try to apply paint from the upper areas of the wall and slowly move down.
  • Apply paint with the help of a roller to cover small sections. You can use a W or M pattern while painting on the wall. Try to overlap every stroke to prevent roller marks on the wall.
  • Continue to paint until you cover all sections of the wall.
  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. It usually takes almost 3-4 hours to dry properly.
  • You can apply the second coat if necessary.
  • Allow the paint to dry properly.

6. Cleaning And Disposing Of Materials

You need to clean your painting tools and dispose of materials that are not necessary. We are listing them below.

  • The paint would have stuck on your paintbrush, roller, and tray. You must wash them thoroughly with soap and water to remove all the paint.
  • Dispose of the plastic sheet or drop cloth you have laid on your garage floor while applying paint on the wall.
  • If you have leftover paint on the can, seal it tightly and store it in a cool place.

7. Reassemble

Now you need to reassemble everything back in your garage. But don’t damage the wall while moving things back inside your garage.

Try to add some shelves or hooks to make your garage a more organized space.

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8. Maintain Your Newly Painted Garage Wall

You need to maintain your newly painted garage wall in the following ways.

  • Clean Your Garage Wall Within Regular Intervals

Take a soft bristle broomstick to remove all possible dust and spider webs from the garage walls. If there is stubborn dirt, take a cloth dipped in soap water solution and scrub the affected site to remove the dirt.

  • Address The Oil Stains Immediately

If you see any oil or greasy stain on your garage wall, then try to clean it immediately. You can clean it with a degreaser. You can even mix vinegar and water in equal ratios, allow the solution to sit on the stain for almost a few minutes, and then scrub it gently. Wipe with a damp cloth and allow your garage wall to dry completely.

  • Do Touch Up When Required

Your wall can have scratches with time. You can keep some paint reserves so that you can use them when the garage wall gets scratched.

9. Enhance Your Garage Wall By Adding Decorative Things

You can hang some portraits, art, or vintage metal on the wall to make your garage look nice. You can add some led stripes or vintage light to highlight any art or storage systems inside the garage.


A garage is an essential place in your home. You park your car in the garage and store numerous things like garden tools and many more.

So you need to maintain it well. Unpainted walls inside the garage do not create an inviting atmosphere. It even does not increase the value of your home. So, you need to paint the barren walls to create a pleasing and inviting atmosphere. 

We have listed above the step-by-step method on how to paint garage walls. You can follow these methods to paint your garage wall and create an inviting atmosphere inside the garage.

FAQ : How To Paint Garage Walls

Q1.  Is it good to paint garage walls?

Ans : You need to paint your garage walls. It will look good, and the painted walls will be easy to clean. They will even make your garage look lighted and enlarged.

Q2. What to do before painting the garage?

Ans : You must clean the wall thoroughly to remove all the dust from the garage. If there are oil stains, then use a degreaser to remove it. Inspect the wall, and if you find any cracks, then repair it. Once you complete all these things, apply primer and paint your garage walls.

Q3. Do I need a primer to paint the garage wall?

Ans : If you don’t apply primer and direct paint on your garage wall, then the wall will absorb most of the paint. Your garage wall will have a bumpy finish which will not look good. So, we recommend you always apply primer and paint on your garage walls.

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