20+ Working Tips On How To Make Your Neighbors Move Immediately

Your most beautiful dwelling in the beautiful city can become a nightmare if you stay with bad neighbors. According to the National Apartment Association, above 39 million people stay in apartments. All are not gifted with friendly and helpful neighbors. Some neighbors poke their nose in your matter or disturb you during sleeping or working hours, which is irritating and frustrating to deal with daily.

I have dealt with such types of neighbors during the Covid19 period. My neighbors were so disturbing that I could not concentrate on my office work. So, in such a case, I have two options, i.e., either I can shift to another place or make my neighbors move.

I thought about these two options deeply and then thought that my whole family would be disturbed by moving to another place just because of one of two annoying neighbors. So, it’s better to make my neighbors move.

I applied a few tips and tricks and finally made my neighbors move to another place. So I am leading a peaceful life.

So in this article, I will share a few tips on how to make your neighbors move. So, keep reading this reading this article to know some of the ways by which you can deal with irritating neighbors.

How To Make Your Neighbors Move?

Are you dealing with bad neighbors? If yes, then you are not alone. Most of them are facing such issues. So I have listed a few ways how to make your neighbors move.

Try Simple Ways 

You can try some simple ways to annoy your neighbors. We are listing some of them below.

Order Pizza Or Burger

Have you ordered food items like burgers or pizza at the wrong address? If not, then do it this time to annoy your neighbor. You should choose the cash delivery option while ordering the food item and give the address of your neighbor’s house.

When the delivery body delivers pizza or any other food item to your neighbor’s house, they will undoubtedly be reluctant to pay the money as they have not ordered. But after arguing for a few minutes, your neighbor will be compelled to pay the money.

Ring Bell

Another way to irritate your neighbor is to ring the bell and hide for a few minutes. You usually do such things when you are a kid. But now, you can utilize this trick to annoy your neighbor. You must repeatedly ring the neighbor’s bell and then hide for 5-10 minutes. 

Repeat these things, especially at night. It will disturb your neighbor’s sleep and force him to move elsewhere. I am sure this thing will give you much enjoyment and satisfaction while annoying your neighbor.


You can even annoy your neighbor with solicitors. The work of a solicitor is to visit door to door and convey people about their products and services. So, whenever a solicitor comes to your door, you can say your neighbor is interested in the product, and now the solicitor will go to your neighbor’s house. It is another exciting way to irritate your neighbor.

Make Your Dog’s Bark

Do you have a pet dog in your house? If yes, you can use your pet dog to irritate your neighbor. 

You can teach your pet dog to bark at night. Try to repeat this for several days. It will disturb your neighbor, and ultimately, they will come and request you about it.

Another exciting way to annoy your neighbors is to make your pet dog potty in your neighbor’s yard without knowing. Your neighbor will be compelled to remove the potty to keep the yard clean, which can irritate a neighbor.

Try To Poke Nose In Every Matter

Another great way to make your neighbor move is to poke your nose in every matter. For instance, when your neighbor returns home from the office, engage him in a long conversation. 

You can ask about their life, working environment and many more things. Try to talk even about unimportant things about your life, even if your neighbor does not ask.

Remember, no one wants to engage in more extended conversations when tired. You can take advantage of this situation to irritate your neighbor.

Another exciting way to annoy your neighbors is to ask for salt and sugar late at night. 

Dump Food Scrapes

You can dump food scrapes in the yard of your neighbor. It will attract wild animals to their yard and disturb your neighbor.

Say About Ghost

You can do the same thing if your neighbor irritates you a lot. For instance, you can tell your neighbor you saw a ghost in their yard. You can even convince other neighbors to say the same thing.

2. Funny Ways To Annoy And Move Your Bad Neighbors

Paint The Door Of Neighbor

Imagine you are a kid and always like to do your homework on a particular table. But if someone paints it with ugly colors or scratches it badly, you will no longer like to do your homework or study on that table. 

The same thing you need to do with your neighbor so that he will move to another place. You can paint the door o your neighbor with some ugly colors. You can even do some bad drawings on the door, which will undoubtedly annoy your neighbor. 

But you must do such things when the neighbor is not in his house. Additionally, ensure that no camera catches you doing such bad things at your neighbor’s door.

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Give Money To Naughty Children

Some naughty orphan children love to disturb everyone. The sad thing is you cannot beat or threaten them. You will be imprisoned for three years if anyone finds you beating these children. You can take advantage of this law and regulation. Give money to some naughty children and tell them to make noise on your neighbor’s door.

3. Annoy Upstairs Neighbor In Apartment

Bang On Ceiling

If you are staying in an old apartment whose ceiling is not much strong and your upstairs neighbor is constantly making a stomping noise, then you need to talk to your neighbor. If your neighbor doesn’t listen, you can take an old broomstick and bang on the ceiling to teach your bad neighbor a lesson.

Use Ceiling Vibrator

You must take some action if your neighbor is constantly disturbing you by making a loud noise on your ceiling. For instance, you can use a ceiling vibrator, especially during working hours or late at night, to irritate your bad neighbor. Repeat it often so your bad neighbor will get irritated and forcefully move to another place.

4. Take revenge

Use Free Internet

If your bad neighbor has an unsecured WIFI connection and is primarily available to everyone, you can take advantage of it. You can use the wifi of your neighbor and get your work done. In this way, you can take revenge for your bad and irritating neighbor.

Make Loud Noise

If someone is sleeping and you make a loud noise, then this will indeed anger that person. You need to use this tactic to irritate your neighbor. 

5. Take The Help Of Law Or Management To Move Your Bad Neighbor

Complain To The House Owner

Irritating and annoying neighbors are pretty frustrating. If you have a neighbor constantly disturbing you, you speak with him directly. But if he doesn’t listen, then complain directly to the neighbor’s house owner or landlord.

Try to get the number from a reliable source and convey the problems. You can exaggerate the issue so that it will look serious to the house owner of your neighbor. You can give some evidence against your neighbor. I think it’s a smart step to make your neighbors move to another place.

Call The Police

If you have already complained to the Management or house owner and things do not work out, you can consider legal help. Complain about your problems with the local police. But remember, you must have enough evidence regarding the action of your bad neighbor.

Again when the police arrive, they may ask you some questions like did you inform them about your problems to the neighbors and how your neighbor responded to it?

Complain Jointly

If your neighbors are disturbed for the same reason, you can group them and complain jointly to the landlord, Management, or police.

When many people complain about the same thing, the higher authority is bound to act against it.

Things You Should Never Do To Make Your Neighbor Move

Are you making a lot of effort to make your bad neighbor move, but still, your effort is not bearing fruit? If yes, then it’s pretty frustrating.

But you need to keep in mind that there are certain things which you should never try to make your neighbor move. We are listing them below.

  • Never use physical force to move your neighbor.
  • Never add drugs to the food and drink of your neighbor.
  • Never send threatening messages.


If your neighbor is disturbing you repeatedly, you can apply the above tips and tricks to take revenge and compel them to move to a different place.

Sometimes you apply many tricks, but your bad neighbor still annoys you. I suggest you take legal action against your bad neighbor in such a case.

I hope the article has guided you properly regarding how to make your neighbor move. If you have any other queries, then ask in the comments section.

FAQ : How To Make Your Neighbors Move

Q1. How do I mess with noisy neighbors?

Ans : You can disturb your noisy neighbors by playing loud music. You can keep something on the window of your neighbor which will stink badly. You can even train your dog to potty in your bad neighbor’s yard for revenge.

Q2. How do I ignore bad neighbors?

Ans : You can ignore bad neighbors by using noise-canceling headphones. You can lay some thick rugs on the floor of your house to avoid noise. Even sound-absorbing curtains are available in the market, which you can put to avoid loud sounds your neighbor creates.

Q3. Should I tell my neighbors politely to be quiet?

Ans : Yes, you can tell your neighbors politely to be quiet. If your neighbor is good, he will understand your problems and stop disturbing you. 

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