How To Get Revenge On Your Neighbor Without Them Knowing : 7 Working Tips

Living in a beautiful city can become a nightmare when you stay with an obnoxious neighbor. The National Apartment Association says that more than 40 million people stay in apartments, and everyone doesn’t have good and well-behaved neighbors.

You cannot choose your family. Similarly, you cannot choose your neighbor. Loud noise, poking noses in every matter, aggressive pets, or disturbing kids are signs of a bad neighbor. 

Your first step should be to address the problem with your neighbor politely. 

But if your neighbor is thick-skinned and doesn’t understand your problem, then it’s better to understand them through fun and devious ways.

The article discusses how to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. So, you can keep reading this article to learn some indirect ways to take revenge on your annoying neighbor.

How To Get Revenge On Your Neighbor Without Them Knowing?

Most of us want to live in a calm and peaceful life. But if you have annoying neighbors, they will surely disrupt your life.

If your neighbor’s behavior becomes unbearable, you can try some clever plan to take revenge on your neighbor without knowing.

We are discussing various ways how to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing.

1. Disturb Neighbor With Loud Music

Loud noise from neighbors is one of the most common problems many people face. Continuous hearing of loud noise distracts your mind. You cannot concentrate on your work.

Additionally, listening to the noise every time can affect your physical and mental health. Loud noise can disrupt your sleep if you have old adults or babies at home.

In such a case, you can take revenge by switching on your music system with high volume, especially when you leave home for the office or other important work.

You can teach a good lesson by turning on the music system for longer hours, and they will not dare further to disturb you with loud music.

This trick has worked for many people. But if your neighbor continues to disturb you, disrupt their fuse box and sleep comfortably every night until they repair it. Repeat the same thing till your neighbor stops to play music loudly.

2. Experiment On Your Neighbor’s Yard

It is one of the best ways to take revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. For example, you can spread bouillon cubes in your neighbor’s yard during the rainy season.

The dogs near the area cannot resist the smell and will indeed enter your neighbor’s yard. They will try to dig holes or rip the grass in search of the cube. The entire yard of your neighbor will get destroyed, and no one will suspect you.

Another way to take revenge is to determine which pests attract the most expensive plants in the neighbor’s yard. You can then go to the nearby Botanical store and buy the bag of that particular species. 

You have then scatter those insects in the neighborhood yard. The insects will damage the expensive plants within a short time.

Another great idea is to scatter bird food or seeds in neighbors’ yards or entrance places, especially when they are not at home. Repeat this for more than one week.

 It will invite many birds, and they will poop here and there, which your neighbor has to clean. This idea will surely irritate your neighbors within less time, and they will stop bothering you.

Another idea is to make your dog poop in your neighbor’s yard, especially when they are not at home. It will force your neighbor to clean your dog’s potty every time from the yard.

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3. Send Salesman Or Religious People To your Neighbor’s Doorway

This idea is one of the most harmless ways to take revenge on your neighbor.

If any salesman or religious group visits your house, apologize and say your neighbor will appreciate the product or like the religious group. Convince the salesman to visit the home of your neighbor.

Open your window and enjoy how your neighbor is getting frustrated when a salesman or religious group visits their house 5 to 7 times daily. 

You can go one step further if a man or religious group doesn’t visit your locality often. You can sign up in the name of your neighbor on the website of any community service organization that arranges numerous events near your location. 

As a result, most of the community members will often visit your neighbor’s house and disturb them.

3. Fun Tools

  • Use Superglue

There are various fun things that you can do to take revenge on your irritating neighbors. For instance, you can use super glue to fill the lock of your neighbor. But remember that your work should be recorded in security cameras.

Observe when your neighbor is going outside. You can then take a superglue gun and fill the glue in all the door knobs and locks. This trick will ruin the entire week of your neighbor. They will have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the door knob.

  • Use Vaseline

You can take Vaseline and fill it inside the doorknobs of neighbors. It will be difficult for your neighbor to open the door knob after returning home.

  • Ring Bell

You can ring the bell of your neighbor and hide somewhere. Do this thing repeatedly, especially at night. It will disturb your neighbor’s sleep and irritate them a lot. 

Kids usually do such things. You can utilize this trick to take revenge on your neighbor.

  • Pour Salt On Your Neighbor’s Garden

Does your neighbor take pride in your locality for gardening skills? If yes, then you can take advantage of it to take revenge on your irritating neighbor. 

You can sprinkle salt on the lawn and garden area of your neighbor. The beautiful lush green lawn will be destroyed within a few days.

  • Paint The Door Of Your Neighbor

You can paint your neighbor’s door with ugly colors or draw pictures. It will surely irritate and annoy your neighbor. But do this work when your neighbor is not at home. Additionally, your work should be caught by security cameras.

  • Make Use Of Toilet Paper

You can use toilet paper to wrap the trees of your neighbor. This trick will also irritate your neighbor.

  • Put Colored Berries Near The Car Of Your Neighbor

You need to observe where your neighbor is parking the car often. Try to keep some colorful berries near the vehicle. It will attract many birds, and they may do excreta on the front window. Your neighbor will be compelled to clean the bird excreta.

But don’t repeat this process too often; otherwise, your neighbor will change the parking location.

  • Throw Trash

You can throw trash in your neighbor’s yard. But try to throw at a time when your neighbor cannot see you.

Your neighbor will be compelled to clean the trash. Try to do it repeatedly to irritate your neighbor.

  • Change wifi Password

Does your neighbor have an unstable Wi-Fi connection, or do you know the Wi-Fi password of your neighbor? If yes, then you can take advantage of it

Change the wifi password or use the wifi for playing games or doing your office work. It will seriously bother your neighbor.

  • Turn Bright Light

You can turn a bright light on at midnight, and that light should fall on your neighbor’s bedroom. It will disturb your neighbor’s sleep at night. 

  • Allow Your Dog To Bark

Do you have a dog in your house? If yes, keep your pet dog outside and allow it to bark continuously or at odd hours. It will affect your neighbor badly.

4. Take Revenge By Advertising Their Property

You can put your neighbor’s house for sale on the internet. Try to keep a low price to attract most of the buyers. Additionally, keep the opening hours between 7.00 and 8.00 on Sunday morning. The continuous ringing of the bell on Sunday early morning will disturb your neighbor a lot.

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5. Hide Your Left OverFood In Neighbor House

Do you have some leftover food in your house? If yes, then you can use that excess food to take revenge on your annoying neighbor.

Take some leftover food and hide it randomly at your neighbor’s house. It will attract rats or other small animals near the particular area.

If this trick doesn’t work, put spiders or rats directly on your neighbor’s house, especially in a warm location.

6. Use Disturbing Smell Technique

You can hide rotten food in any concealed areas of your neighbor’s house. The smell of the rotten food will last for days and even weeks. Ensure that your neighbor cannot easily find where you hide the rotten food. The foul smell of the rotten food will bother your neighbor for days.

7. Play a Phone Prank

You can play a phone prank with your disturbing neighbor. But remember to hide your number while calling your neighbor. Additionally, you need to talk in such a way that your neighbor cannot recognize your voice.


We all want quiet inside our home after having a long, hectic day. But having a disturbing neighbor can badly impact the quality of your life.

You need to address your problem politely about the issues, and if they don’t listen, then take revenge without them knowing.

We have discussed various ideas on how to take revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. You can implement any of the above ideas to annoy your disturbing neighbor.

FAQ : How To Get Revenge On Your Neighbor Without Them Knowing

Q1. How do you annoy your neighbor without them knowing?

Ans : You can annoy your neighbors without them knowing in numerous ways. For instance, you can tell your child to play drums at midnight or at odd times throughout the day. 

You may also dump some leftover food scrapes in your neighbor’s yard. That will attract various animals like rats and will bother your neighbor badly.

Q2. How do I deal with an evil neighbor?

Ans : You can politely ask your evil neighbor about the things that bother you. If the problem becomes severe and your neighbor doesn’t listen to you after repeatedly requesting them, then take legal action against them.

Q3. What are the signs of a bad neighbor?

Ans : Excessive noise, unfriendliness, or aggressive pets are signs of a bad neighbor.

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