How To Fix Peeling Leather Couch : 3 Quick Steps

Leather sofas are the most preferred choice by most of the homeowners. They are durable and can give a sophisticated look to your dwelling. Simultaneously, you can easily clean and maintain them for many years.

However, leather sofas may start to peel after certain years. It mainly occurs in faux leather. They are pretty cheap in comparison to genuine or natural leather. But unfortunately, faux leather sofas are prone to peeling. 

If you don’t stop peeling immediately, it can spread everywhere on your leather sofa, which looks ugly.

Repairing your leather couch with a professional will cost you between $200 to $1200.

However, you can fix it yourself. It may sound awkward initially, but believe me, this project can be easily manageable. The project involves fun and can be completed with less cost.

The article discusses a step-by-step guide on how to fix peeling leather couch. So, you can keep reading this article to know how to repair a peeling leather couch easily.

Why Does Leather Sofa Peel?

There can be numerous reasons behind peeling leather couches. We are listing some of them below.

1. Exposure To Ultraviolet Light

Have you placed your expensive leather sofa near the window? If yes, your sophisticated sofa is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Remember that exposure to harsh rays for a longer time can cause the natural oil present in your leather sofa to dry. Hence, your leather sofa may fade, dry, and peel out within a few years.

2. Bad quality leather

Natural leather usually doesn’t peel or flake. It lasts for approximately 15 to 20 years. But if your sofa is fake or faux leather, it can peel easily. They consist of PVC, which can peel after use for specific years.

Sometimes, natural oil can strip off from the leather, and your sofa may dry and peel.

3. Leather Is Not Sealed Properly

If your leather is not corrected and treated with the polymer during manufacturing, it may peel within a few years. You can repair it using a finishing agent on your leather sofa.

4. Improper Cleaning And Maintenance

Are you cleaning your leather sofas with any abrasive brush? Are you cleaning your expensive leather sofas with products that contain harmful chemicals?

If yes, then your leather sofa will peel within a few years. You should not use harsh detergents or chemicals for cleaning your leather. 

Whenever your leather sofa gets dirty, use a damp, clean cloth in a soap-water solution and clean it. Air dry the leather sofa thoroughly after washing with soap and water solution.

5. Your Leather Has Dried Excessively

The leather which is used on the sofa is animal skin. If you don’t moisturize your skin, it will become dry and develop flakes or itching. 

The same thing happens on your leather sofa. If you don’t moisturize, then it will start drying excessively and may start peeling. We recommend regularly conditioning your leather sofa if you live in an arid climate.

6. Aging Of Leather

If you have been using leather sofas for several years, it may strip off its natural oil and start peeling. You can use conditioner or a good leather oil to moisturize your sofa.

How To Fix Peeling Leather Couch?

We are listing below three methods by which you can try to fix the peeling leather couch.

1. Use Leather Paint

Step 1: Start Peeling Away The Loose Leather

Your first duty is to do an inspection of the entire leather couch and find out the places where the leather has peeled off. 

You need to remove all the peeling pieces from your couch. Try to be gentle in this process; otherwise, it creates a problem. You should not pull the pieces still attached to your leather sofa. 

The fabric will be exposed once you remove the peeling parts from the sofa.Hold a sanding sponge on your hand and sand down all the exposed surface properties. It will enable you to create a smooth surface to paint correctly.

Step 2: Clean The Fabric

Clean the exposed fabric with a damp cotton cloth to remove all the dust and dirt.

It will ensure that the paint will properly adhere to the surface.

Step 3: Paint The Fabric

Now, it’s time to paint the fabric. Latex house paint can be used for painting the couch. Try to choose a color that is very close to the color of your leather sofa. But if you don’t get the exact color, you can mix two colors to get the perfect color.

Now pour a small amount of the paint on a tray, then take your small roller and dip it inside the paint. Color the fabric thoroughly. 

Start to paint first on the exposed fabric areas, and then you can paint the entire leather couch. Try to paint evenly all over the surface of the couch. We recommend starting painting from the back side of the couch and then on the sides. Prefer to paint the seating area lastly. 

Step 4: Allow The Paint To Dry Thoroughly.

Now, you must allow the paint to dry thoroughly. You can open the windows or switch on the fan so that the paint will dry quickly. It usually takes one hour to 24 hours to dry properly. 

It usually depends upon your room temperature, humidity, and type of ventilation in the room. Ensure to dry the paint thoroughly before moving to the next step.

Step 5: Apply Another Coat

You can apply another coat if necessary. The interval between the first and second coat should be at least 30 minutes. Apply the second coat only when it does not stick to your hand after touching it.

Step 6: Apply Leather Finish.

Now, apply the leather finish to the entire couch. You can use a paintbrush to apply a leather finish. Try to apply the leather finish evenly over the couch.

You can apply the finish once again. It will prevent peeling in the future.

2. Use Leather Filler

Step 1: Cut Peeling materials

You can gently remove all the peeling materials from your leather sofa using scissors or a razor. 

You can then take a damp cloth and remove all the small peeling materials. Try to be as gentle as possible in the process. You should not forcefully remove the peeling materials, especially the intact ones.

Step 2: Apply Leather Filler

Now, start applying leather filler on the affected site. You can use a putty knife while applying. 

Try to apply only one tablespoon of leather filler at a time. You can apply it on the back of the leather couch, then to the sides, and lastly on the seating area. Hold a clean cotton cloth to wipe away the leather filler smears.

Step 3: Allow Leather Filler To Dry

Allow the leather filler to dry thoroughly. Ensure that there are no pets or children near the leather couch. You can apply the leather filler once again if you feel it is necessary.

3. Use Recoloring Balm

Do you have small cracks or peels on your leather couch? If yes, then you must use recoloring balm.

Step 1: Wipe The Leather Couch

You need to wipe the leather couch with a clean cloth. It will help remove excess oils, dust, and dirt from your leather couch.

Step 2: Apply Recoloring Balm

Take a new microfiber cloth and spray the recoloring balm on it. You can then wipe over the entire leather couch. Don’t touch the sofa for 30 minutes to one hour after applying the recolored balm.

Unfortunately, this method will not repair the cracks on the leather couch. But it will help to bring back the original color of the leather couch.

What Should I Do To Prevent My Leather Couch From Peeling?

  • You should not keep your leather couch in high-humidity areas. Try always to place the couch in a cool place.
  • Keep your leather couch away from direct sunlight.
  • Never expose the leather sofa to too much moisture. Excess moisture can weaken the particles and cause them to crack or peel.
  • Always use leather-friendly cleaners for cleaning the leather sofa. Don’t use any abrasive chemicals for cleaning. We recommend using the leather cleaner first on nonusable leather apparel. If it doesn’t react, then apply it to your leather sofa.
  • You should not use bleach for cleaning. It will weaken the surface and dry the leather within a short period.
  • After applying the leather cleaner, wash the leather sofa with soap and water.


Leather couches look elegant and give a sophisticated look to your home. But they can crack or peel if you don’t maintain the leather couch properly. Sometimes, placing them in harsh sunlight can also peel the leather. 

We have listed above various methods on how to fix peeling leather couch. You can use any of the strategies to fix your couch

FAQ : How To Fix Peeling Leather Couch

Q1. Does genuine leather peel off?

Ans : Technically, genuine leather doesn’t peel off. It usually lasts for 15-20 years.

Q2. What causes leather to peel?

Ans : The leather which is used on your sofa is animal skin. It will dry and crack or peel if you don’t moisturize or maintain it occasionally.

Q3. Can peeling leather furniture be repaired?

Ans : The paint or finish on the top of your leather furniture starts to peel with time. Well, you can repair it with the help of various methods like the use of paint, binder, or filler.

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