7 Easy Steps On How To Fix Garage Door Gaps On Sides, Top & Bottoms

Do you have a noisy and dirty garage? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Most house garage doors are fitted loosely, allowing insects, rain, water, and dust to enter the garage.

Well, you should not worry about it. You can make your garage door airtight by putting in extra effort.

You can install a weather-stripping seal to fix the garage door gap on the sides. The seal will adhere to the door jamb and close gaps or cracks in the garage door. It will help prevent pests, unwanted critters, dust, dirt, and rain from entering the garage.

The article discusses step-by-step how to fix garage door gaps on sides. So you can keep reading this article to learn more about the information.

How To Fix Gap On One Side Of Garage Door

Having a garage at home is a good thing. But if you have gaps on the garage door sides, rain, insects, or rodents will enter inside again and make it dirty. It can even deteriorate any essential products kept inside the garage. So you must fix the garage door gap on both sides.

Remember, if the width of the garage door is wide enough that you can easily insert a small item between the frame and the door, then there is a problem, and you need to fix it as soon as possible.

 Well, you don’t need to worry about it. The fixing is quite simple. Let’s discuss the procedure step by step below.

1. Inspect The Gaps In The Garage Door

Detecting gaps in a garage door is relatively easy. Well, there are three methods to detect the gap in your garage door. We are listing them below.

  • Go inside the garage and close the door on a sunny day. Switch off the lights inside the garage. If you find some spaces on the garage door where sunlight enters, you must fix it as soon as possible.
  • External drafts in the cold winter season can be a sign of gaps in the garage door.
  • If you find that sound can easily pass from outside to inside your garage or vice versa, mainly when the garage doors are closed, then it’s a sign of gaps in the garage door that you must fix.

Once you detect the gap, slide a pencil through the gap. If the pencil will effortlessly side through the gap, then you have to fix the gap. Otherwise, it will allow rodents, insects, or dust to enter the garage.

2. Inspect the Situation

Have you noticed a gap in your garage door? If yes, then you need to investigate it to figure out the issue. Most of the time stops and tracks are the primary culprit for the gaps in your garage door.

Stops are rubber linings usually present on the garage door’s top, sides, and bottom. But they warp with time and cause gaps in the garage door. You can adjust its position or use caulk to seal the gap. 

But if they are entirely warped, you need to replace it with a new one. You can get new stops from any hardware store. Install it; your garage door will be completely new and have no gaps.

If the stops or rubber linings inside your garage door are in good condition, inspect the tracks. The tracks may sometimes bend or misalign, resulting in gaps in the garage door. 

If they are in bad condition, you must replace the track with a new one. This problem is common, mainly in garages with sliding doors.

Lastly, you should not forget to look at the weather-stripping seal. It can get damaged with time and ultimately lead to gaps in the seal. 

So, if you notice that the weather-stripping seal is poorly damaged, replace it with a new one. Maintaining a good weather stripping seal will provide good insulation inside the garage. It will even protect the garage from critters, dust, and dirt.

3. Gather all The Important Tools

You need to gather all the essential tools before starting the job. We are listing below a list of materials.

  • Weather-stripping seal

It is the best choice for sealing gaps. But remember, the size of the weather stripping that will be needed for the project depends on the gap size you will be fixing.

  • Tools

You will require a few tools, like a hammer, pneumatic stapler, or driller, while sealing the gaps.

  • Nails Or Screws

You will require nails or screws while installing weather-stripping on the gaps in your garage door. These nails or screws will keep the weather-stripping in proper position.

  • Caulk

The usage of caulk can provide a finishing touch to the project.

  • Saw or utility knife

You will require a saw or utility knife to cut the weather-stripping seal according to the gap size in your garage. It ensures a proper fit on the garage door.

If you buy the weather-stripping seal, you need to measure the length of one door and multiply it by two. It will give you the total length of the weather-stripping you buy from any local hardware shop.

Remember, proper sealing will increase your garage’s performance, security, and efficiency.

3. Time For Fixing

The weather-stripping seal usually consists of vinyl, which gets damaged with time. You need to remove the old weather stripping before installing the new one.

You can take a utility or kitchen knife, cut the old caulk, and lift the old weather stripping seal from all over the garage door. It will take time to remove the old weather stripping. So, you need to be patient during the process.

Now inspect the door jamb after removing all the old weather stripping seals. Some sections can get damaged while lifting the old weather stripping seal. 

It mainly happens when an adhesive glue is used to fix the weather stripping. You can improve and smoothen the door jamb using elbow grease and sandpaper.

Now, inspect the edges of the garage door. If you find any nail holes, smooth them using wood putty.

4. Prepare The Seal For placement

Now, it’s time to install the new seal. You have to measure the length of the door once again with a retractable measuring tape. 

Your next duty is to cut the weather stripping according to the length that you have measured. You can cut the seal with the help of a utility knife or a circular saw.

Weather-stripping seals are usually 7 meters in length. But if you need a longer option, consider M-D building products, durable garage door seals & weather-stripping insulation kit. It is 30 feet long and is relatively easy to install.

5. Attach The Seal

Attaching the seal is a very crucial step in the project. You need to secure the weather-stripping seals by using nails. Install nails at a distance of 16 inches between each nail.

So, your first duty should be to do the markings on the door jamb at a distance of 16 inches. When you are sure everything is aligned, start placing the weather stripping seal in the proper position and drill the nails on the weather stripping seal.

6. Caulk The Gaps

Now, you have drilled the nails on the weather-stripping seal. But if you still notice any small gap, then dont worry. You can quickly fix it by caulking the gaps.

You need to run the caulking gun all along the edge of the door, i.e., the gap between the seal and the jamb. You have to then smoothen the caulk with the help of a finger or putty knife. 

It will smoothen the caulk and push it inside the gap, which a caulking gun cannot do.

Running a caulking gun ensures that there will be no little gap between the door jamb and the seal.

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7. Use adhesive instead Of Screws And Nails

If you find the usage of nails and screws during the installation of weather stripping very difficult, then use adhesive in place of it.

We are discussing a step-by-step procedure for using adhesive while installing weather stripping on the gaps of your garage door.

  • Bring a sealant gun and apply a uniform layer on the door jamb.
  • You can then lay the seal and apply pressure to adhere to the door jamb completely.
  • You may rub alcohol on the jamb edges to remove any extra glue.


Gaps on the sides of the garage door can make it dirty and invite critters. Using weather stripping sealing to close the gap on the sides of the garage door is an economical solution. It is even relatively easy to install. 

You don’t need any professional help for installing. You need a few essential tools and a new weather stripping seal for installation. It will take almost one to two hours to replace a new weather stripping seal and close the gap on the sides of the garage door.

We have discussed a step-by-step guide regarding installing weather stripping on the sides of the garage door and hope the information is helpful. But if you are not confident enough, then don’t hesitate to call a technician.

FAQ : How To Fix Garage Door Gaps On Sides

Q1. Should there be gaps on the sides of the garage door?

Ans : No, there should not be gaps on the sides of the garage door. The gaps in the garage door will allow rain, snow, and sand to enter and make it dirty. When the moisture gets inside the garage, it will damage its structure.

Q2. How do I close the gap on the side of my garage door?

Ans : You need to check the stops in the garage. The stops are rubber trimmings, usually found along the length of the garage door. These stops can get damaged with time. You need to correct it or replace it with a new one. You can correct the small cracks by using caulk.

Q3. What are the disadvantages of garage doors?

Ans : Garage doors are quite expensive and require high maintenance. Simultaneously, they are not easy to handle. A single mistake can cost you a lot of money. They are pretty tricky to install.

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