13 Simple Ways On How To Fix A Cracked Mirror

Mirror is an essential part of your daily life. It reflects our look, how clothes and other accessories fit, and many more. People even now use mirrors for decorative purposes. A mirror hung on any wall can make the room lighter and brighter and create an illusion of more space.

The mirror is made from glass, which is quite tender and brittle. It can break when it accidentally falls on the ground or is hit by the ball. A broken mirror is usually believed to bring bad luck to the house. That’s why most of us immediately throw broken mirrors in the dustbin.

You will be surprised to know you can fix a broken mirror just by sitting at home. You need to have time and a little bit of patience to complete this DIY project.

The article discusses a step-by-step guide on how to fix a cracked mirror. So, you can keep reading this article to know the steps by which you can quickly fix a cracked and broken mirror.

How To Fix a Cracked Mirror?

Mirrors can have cracks for various reasons. For example, if an object badly hits a mirror can have cracks. Additionally, if the mirror is subjected to high temperatures, it can have cracks. Most people think that a cracked mirror brings bad luck. But it is a myth.

If the mirror is badly cracked or damaged too much, you cannot repair it. It’s better to throw it in the dustbin and buy a new one. But if it has small cracks, you can repair a cracked mirror by following a few steps. Let’s look at them below.

1. Wear Safety Gear

You are going to work with glass, which is quite dangerous. Your hands may bleed if you are not careful. So we recommend wearing gloves so that the sharp edges of the glass cannot hurt your hands. 

Additionally, ensure that the working area is neat, clean, and debris-free. Remember, if there is debris, then it can cause more damage to the mirror. 

2. Remove The Glass From The Frame

You have to remove the glass from the frame carefully. But if you cannot remove it, then skip this step.

3. Clean The Mirror Thoroughly

You have to clean the cracked mirror thoroughly before repairing it. Removing dust and dirt is quite essential so that resin can appropriately fill inside the crack.

Take a cotton cloth or sponge and dip it in warm water. Now add a drop of dish liquid inside it. Mix the dish liquid so that a lather will form on the water. 

Now remove the cloth or sponge from the water and wipe on the cracked areas of the glass. It will help to remove any debris or dust from it. You also need to remove the loose glass fragments from the crack portion.

There is even another method for cleaning the mirror. Add a cloth or sponge to the lukewarm water. Spray a soap dish liquid on the cracked mirror surface. Remove the cloth or sponge from the water and wipe off the cracked mirror.

Both processes have the same aim, i.e., to clean the cracked mirror surface so that resin can adequately do its work.

4. Remove Backing Of The Stabilizer Film

Take the stabilizer film from the windshield kit and remove its backing carefully. You need to peel the backing carefully, i.e., at least when completely ready for applying on the mirror. Additionally, do it carefully; otherwise, if the backing sticks, it will be useless. You may need to invest in a new stabilizer film.

5. Press The Stabilizer Fim Over The Crack

You need to hold the corner of the stabilizer film and place it on the mirror’s crack. You need to place it so there will be no air bubbles beneath the stabilizer film. But if there are air bubbles, then smooth it with the help of a hand.

Remember, if one stabilizer film cannot cover the cracks in your mirror, you can use more than one. You need to arrange the stabilizer film so that their edges will flush with each other and cover the entire crack surfaces of the mirror.

Never remove the stabilizer film from the mirror; otherwise, it will leave a sticky residue on the mirror.

6. Fill The Syringe With Epoxy Resin

Whenever you buy epoxy resin, it comes with a plastic syringe. You have to put the syringe inside the resin container to take some of the resin. 

Push the syringe’s plunger and then insert the syringe into the resin container. You have to slowly pull the plunger to fill the resin inside the syringe.

If you face an issue filling the resin, there may be a problem at the tip. You need to cut the tip of the syringe slightly with the help of scissors.

7. Insert The Syringe Tip Through The Stabilizer Film

You must place the syringe tip in the middle of the stabilizer film. You have to then gently apply pressure and push the syringe’s plunger. The resin will come from the syringe and fill the mirror’s cracks.

We recommend you add only a small amount of resin inside the syringe. Don’t apply too much resin in the mirror’s cracks; otherwise, it may form an uneven bulge inside the stabilizer film.

8. Allow To Sit The Resin For Few Minutes

Once you apply the resin in the mirror’s cracks, allow it to sit for 20-25 minutes. It will let the resin get hard in these times.

We recommend always keeping the mirror on a flat surface for best results.

9. Remove The Stabilizer Film

You need to set the time with the help of your phone. Once 20-25 minutes, you can ensure the resin hardens in the mirror’s cracks. So now it’s time to remove the stabilizer film. Try to remove the film very gently.

Remember, quick and jerky movements can tear the stabilizer film. If you cannot remove the stabilizer film by hand, use the rajor blade.

10. Add A Drop Of Resin And Cover It With Curing Film

You can use your syringe to add only a drop of resin to the fresh-filled cracks of the mirror. Then, gently press a curing film so the resin spreads over the cracks. Now, take a razor blade and smooth the curing film so there will be no air bubbles inside.

Sometimes, you may need more than one curing film to cover the fresh-filled cracks in the mirror. In such cases, you need to add a drop of resin in other places where you can cover the curing film.

But your main aim should be to cover the entire freshly filled cracks with the help of the curing film.

11. Allow The Resin To Cure For Almost One Hour

You must allow the resin to sit inside the curing film for almost one hour. The minimum duration is one hour. 

You may check the resin packaging to know the correct curing time.You may switch on the fan for the fast curing process. After one hour, the resin will completely harden and cover the cracked portion of the mirror.

12. Remove The Curing Film

After one hour, you must remove the curing film from the mirror. Place your hand on one corner of the curing film and gently pull it. 

Remove the excess resin from the mirror with a putty knife or razor blade. Try to be very gentle in this process; otherwise, it can lead to more cracks in your mirror.

You can angle the razor blade or putty knife to parallel the mirror surface and remove excess resin easily.

13. Clean With A Glass Cleaner

You must buy a glass cleaner from the nearby department stores or online. Add a few drops of glass cleaner to the mirror and wipe it with a cloth or sponge. You may rub in circular motions to make the mirror surface entirely clean.

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How To Fix A Cracked Mirror With Toothpaste?

You can fix a cracked mirror with the help of toothpaste. Below, we discuss a step-by-step procedure for applying toothpaste to fix the cracked mirror.

1. Clean Your Mirror

Your mirror has cracks. Well, you can repair it quickly at home. Your first step should be to clean the mirror. Dip a towel in a hot water bowl with a drop of liquid detergent. Now, wipe the towel on the glass surface to remove all dust and dirt.

2. Apply toothpaste

Toothpaste can also be used to fix a cracked mirror. Apply toothpaste on the cracked areas of the mirror. You can apply it by your hand, but you may have scratches. So it’s best to use earbuds.

3. Allow The Toothpaste To Dry

Allow the toothpaste to dry for a few minutes. It seals the cracked areas of the mirror. Remove the extra toothpaste with a damp cloth after drying.

4. Clean Your Mirror

You can then clean your mirror with the help of a glass cleaner.

How To Fix A Cracked Mirror By Mirror Paint?

You can even fix a cracked mirror with the help of mirror paint. Let’s discuss the procedure below.

  • Your first duty is to clean your mirror surface to remove dust, dirt, and debris.
  • You can then apply mirror paint on the cracked areas of the mirror. Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours, and then wipe off the excess mirror paint with a clean cloth.
  • Clean your mirror with the help of glass cleaner.


Mirror is part of our life. Everyone sees a mirror to check the look or how clothes fit. People even use it to decorate the walls and enhance the room’s look.

But when it becomes cracked, it doesn’t look good. Most people throw them in the dustbin. But you can repair a cracked mirror easily by purchasing a windshield repair kit, toothpaste, or mirror paint. 

We have discussed a step-by-step procedure on how to fix a cracked mirror. If you are not confident, getting help from a professional service is better.

 It will cost you $50 to repair a cracked mirror. The price depends on various factors like the crack’s severity, the mirror’s length, etc.

FAQ : How To Fix A Cracked Mirror

Q1. Can you fix a cracked mirror glass?

Ans : Yes, you can fix a cracked mirror glass. But for this, you must bring a resin base repair kit for fixing.

Q2. Why do mirrors turn black?

Ans : The mirror can turn black color when it is exposed to excess moisture. You cannot permanently remove these spots. Well, you can hide it by doing some painting work.

Q3. Why do mirrors rust?

Ans : Mirrors usually rust because of the silver nitrate on the back side. Silver nitrate can wither away when exposed to water, air, excess heat, and cold.

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