7 Best Soundproof Curtains For Door (2023) : Block Sound And Light

Imagine your neighbor is having a party late at night. The noise enters through the door and disrupts your sleep.

Consistent hearing of loud noises can make you annoyed and irritated. Well, soundproofing the door can be the best solution.

You can soundproof the door in various ways, like installing heavy blankets or acoustic panels. But the most affordable and most accessible way to soundproof the door is by installing soundproof curtains. 

The best thing is that these curtains are available in different colors. So, you can purchase the one that matches the room’s style and decor.

The article lists the best soundproof curtains for door. So, you can keep scrolling through this article to learn about some of the best soundproof curtains you can purchase for your door.

Buying Guide For Soundproofing Curtains For Door

Buying soundproofing curtains can help to absorb soundwaves and minimize noise inside your room. But you must keep various things in mind before purchasing soundproof curtains. We are listing them below.

1. Material

You should always choose soundproof curtains that are thick and denser. A thick and dense curtain will better absorb the sound waves.

The most common materials you must consider while purchasing soundproof curtains are velvet, polyester, linen, polyester blend, and suede.

Remember, polyester and polyester blends are the most common materials used in soundproofing curtains. So you will get more benefits if you choose curtains made from these materials.

2. Layers

You need to look for curtains made from at least three layers. Having multiple layers will help to block noise and light effectively.

3. Size

You should consider the size of the curtain while purchasing. Try to look for a curtain size that will completely cover your door. The length of the curtain should be large enough that it will touch the floor.

Purchasing an undersized curtain will allow air and sound waves to enter the room and distract you. Simultaneously, if you buy an oversized curtain, you will unnecessarily spend money. We recommend measuring the size of the door before purchasing.

4. Grommets

Look for curtains that are available with grommets. They are ring-like structures punched into the fabric to make the installation easier.

5. Style

Look for a soundproof curtain that will match the decor and style of the room.

6. Maintenance

You should look for a soundproof curtain that can easily be washable. Prefer those curtains that can be machine washable.

7. Weighted Bottoms

Try to look for curtains with weighted bottoms. It will help to prevent outside noise from entering the room.

8. Price

The last and the most essential thing you must consider is the price. Soundproofing curtains are available from $15 to more than $250.So, you must first set up your budget and purchase the soundproof curtain. 

If you purchase a soundproof curtain at a high price, then it will be made from good quality and thick fabric, but you will overspend your money. So we will recommend looking for some affordable curtains that can have good noise-blocking capabilities. 

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Best Soundproof Curtains For Door

Doors are the primary culprit for soundwaves to enter inside and disturb you quickly. You can easily hear the conversation of neighbors, traffic noise, or construction site noise if your door is not soundproof. 

Well, soundproofing the entire door or replacing a hollow door with a solid one involves much money, which most people cannot afford. Additionally, if you stay in a rented apartment, your house owner may not allow you to change the door.

Well, in such cases, a soundproofing curtain can solve the problem. These curtains are thick enough to block noise effectively.

Imagine you are talking inside a room that has no carpets or rugs. You will hear a lot of reverberation of sound. But if you use heavy carpets in that room, the rug will absorb some sound waves, and hence, you will hear less sound reverberation.

The same thing happens in the case of soundproof curtains. These curtains will not eliminate noise but absorb some sound waves. Hence, they will significantly help minimize noise and create a private space where you can sleep peacefully or concentrate on work.

We have listed below some of the best soundproof curtains for door.

1. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Soundproof Curtains For Bedroom

The Deconovo thermal insulated, soundproof curtain is composed of 100 percent polyester.

The package comprises two blackout curtain panels, each measuring approximately 84 inches long and 42 inches wide.

You can use this curtain in the door of your bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, hotel, and many more places.

The Deconovo curtains are blackout curtains, i.e., they can almost 85 to 99 percent of the light. Try to purchase darker colors as they are more efficient in absorbing light.

The triple weave technology in this curtain blocks sound effectively, and thus, it creates a perfect private space where you can spend quality time or focus on any necessary work.

Another benefit of this curtain is that it balances room temperature by insulating against summer heat and chill winter.

Deconovo curtain will last long if you maintain it properly. It catches dust or gets dirty with time. However, you can clean it by machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry and then use quick ironing if required.


  • Soft material on both sides
  • Triple weave technology
  • Block light and sound.
  • Different color and size options
  • It is composed of 100 percent polyester
  • No chemical smell
  • Safe for kids and the nursery room.
  • Machine washable


  • Durable
  • Available in various color
  • Soft fabric 
  • Affordable


  • Light blocking quality is not very good.

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2. NICETOWN Patio Blind Blackout Curtain Panels

Consistent noise can distract your mind from work; if most noise comes from your door, it’s best to soundproof it.

Installing soundproof curtains is the best and most affordable way to soundproof your door. NICETOWN Patio blind blackout curtains are one of the best soundproof curtains. 

The curtain is available in various sizes and colors. The color options include baby pink, beige, burgundy red, and many more. So, you can choose the curtain according to the style and decor of your room. Adding this curtain will enhance the look of your room.

The curtain consists of 14 silver grommets with an inner diameter of 1.6 inches. So it can be hung on any basic curtain rod easily.

The NICETOWN patio curtain is so soft and gives a nice touch. The curtain’s length is long enough to touch your floor.

It’s pretty irritating when the harsh sunrays or street light enters through the glass doors. Thanx to the smart design of the NICETOWN patio blackout curtain. 

It can help block light efficiently so you can take an afternoon nap or concentrate on important work. Simultaneously, its thick fiber enables it to absorb 10 percent of the noise, and thus, it creates a private space for you.

The curtain will last for many years if you maintain it properly. You can wash it in the washing machine. But the water temperature should be less than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Try to use mild detergent for cleaning. Never use bleach to clean this soft curtain, as it can damage it badly. You may iron the curtain by setting it at a low temperature.


  • Various color options
  • Various size opinions
  • It is composed of polyester.
  • Fourteen silver grommets of 1.6 inches inner diameter.
  • Solid heavy fabric
  • Vertical drapes
  • Multiple functional
  • It saves your heating and cooling costs.
  • Good quality finish.


  • You can easily install it.
  • Blocks light effectively.
  • Sturdy and thick
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • The curtain will not darken your room against direct sunlight.

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3 .H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtains

Are you searching for a soundproofing curtain for a sliding glass door? If yes, the H . VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio curtain is another gem for soundproofing your door.

You will find various sizes and color options while buying this product. The color option includes bronze green, dark teal, plum purple, and many more.

Each panel consists of 16 metal grommets whose inner diameter is almost 1.6 inches. The rim of the grommet is approximately 2.4 inches, which makes the curtain to hand in any basic curtain rod.

The curtain is soft silky, and can block 85 percent of sunlight and 99 percent of UV rays. A reputed lab tests it, showing that the curtain is eco-friendly, vinyl, and PVC-free, ensuring 100 percent privacy inside the room. 

The triple woven features of the H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtain help to reduce outside noise to the maximum extent and create a peaceful environment inside the room.

You can use it in various types of doors like big patio doors, glass French doors, and many more. The best thing about this curtain is that it is pretty easy to install and smoothly slides on the curtain rod.

You can wash this curtain in the washing machine in cold water. Use mild detergent or nonchlorine bleach when necessary to clean the curtain. Tumble dry and use a warm iron if required.


  • Thermally insulated
  • Noise reduction
  • Blocks light to almost 99 percent
  • Available in various colors.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Ecofriendly
  • Vinyl & PVC free.


  • Block sunlight
  • Reduce noise
  • Pretty fabric.
  • Gives a clean and cozy feel


  • Slightly expensive.

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4. RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains 

RYB HOME soundproof curtain is the next best soundproof curtain for the door. The package includes two panels with a total width of 104 inches.

The best thing about this curtain is that it consists of three layers, i.e., one layer in front of a grey color, one layer in the back of a grey color, and detachable felt fabric in between them.

The detachable felt fabric in the curtain helps absorb most of the outdoor noise. The RYB HOME soundproof curtain will not absorb 100 percent noise, but it will indeed reduce noise to the maximum extent.

The triple weave fabric and three-layer design of the RYB soundproof curtain can block harsh sun rays and UV light.

Another great thing about this curtain is that it helps to insulate your room in both summer and winter and thus saves energy and reduces electricity bills.

You can easily install this curtain and maintain it. It can become dirty with time. But you don’t need to worry. You can wash the curtain in the washing machine. 

However, you have to remove the felt liner before machine washing. Additionally, use only nonchlorine bleach during washing the curtain. Tumble dry the curtain and use a warm iron if required.


  • Different sizes available
  • Three-layer design with felt liner in between.
  • Block sunlight
  • Block noise
  • Machine washable
  • 100 percent blackout.


  • It decreases the amount of sunlight coming from the glass doors.
  • It absorbs echo and reverberation in your room.
  • The curtain is available in various colors and sizes.


  • Some customers are not happy with its outdoor sound-dampening feature.

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5. XTMYI Doorway Curtain Privacy

Soundproofing your door can create privacy inside the room. Well, you can do it most affordably by buying a soundproofing curtain.

Another best soundproof curtain on our list is the XTMYI doorway curtain privacy. The package will contain one panel whose width is 42 inches and a length of 80 inches. The length is sufficient to block cold air from entering the room.

The XTMYI Doorway Curtain Privacy comprises thick microfiber polyester and black yarn inside. The material composition will provide 100 percent blackout and soundproof your door.

The XTMYI door and curtain are pretty silky and will easily slide on the curtain rod with the help of metal rings.

The rings or grommets are 1.6 inches inner diameter and can fit easily on any basic curtain rod.

But while purchasing this product, you will not get a curtain rod. Another excellent thing is that the fabric of the curtain is waterproof and hence can be used even outdoors on the patio.


  • The fabric is waterproof.
  • 100 percent blackout
  • Reduces noise
  • Insulated and block draft
  • Keep bugs away from the room.
  • Three size options are available
  • Various color options are available.


  • Reduces noise
  • Sturdy and nice fabric
  • Blocks light


  • Some customers are not happy with its sound-dampening feature.

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6. StangH Printed Black Out Curtains For Patio Door

The package includes a set of two StrangH printed blackout curtains, and each panel is 52 inches wide and 95 inches long. 

The shiny silver lines and dots on the black fabric can give an elegant look to the room. The curtain can provide a warm and classy atmosphere when installed in any room.

Additionally, each panel will have eight metal grommets with an inner diameter of 1.6 inches. It makes it easy to install an ordinary curtain rod.

The triple weave technology of these curtains enables them to block 85 to 95 percent of light and UV rays. It even helps to reduce noise and provides privacy for which you can have uninterrupted sleep for a long time. 

It even helps to enhance your television viewing experience both day and night.

These curtains are thermally insulated, i.e., they will insulate the room against summer heat, chilling winter, and save energy.

When the StangH printed curtains become dirty, you have to clean them by hand. Tumble dry low, then use a quick iron or steam clean if required.


  • Thermally insulated
  • Available in 8 colors and three size options
  • Soft blackout fabric
  • Block light and noise
  • Handwash the curtain
  • It is composed of 100 percent polyester


  • Nice print 
  • Blocks light and heat effectively


  • A bit lighter 

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7.StangH Orange Velvet Curtains

StangH orange velvet curtains are the next best soundproof curtains for doors. The curtain is thick, smooth, and velvet fabric, creating a sophisticated space in your room.

The curtain can block most of the light and UV light and can create a dark, cozy atmosphere where you can take a short afternoon nap or enjoy the TV viewing experience.

The StangH Orange Velvet Curtains are also insulated. They help to maintain the room temperature by insulating against summer heat and cold winter. The curtain protects your floor and heavy, expensive furniture from harsh sun rays.

You can either machine or dry wash the curtains when they get dirty. If some liquid or solid objects accidentally fall on the velvet curtains, spot-clean them immediately with mild soap and water. You can air dry the curtain thoroughly and then use a steam iron if necessary.


  • Different sizes and colors are available
  • Thermally insulated
  • Luxurious look
  • Block light and noise


  • Allow you to sleep even on the brightest day
  • It keeps your room cool
  • Look luxurious


  • You need a sturdy curtain rod to handle it as they are heavy curtains.

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Soundwaves can easily transmit from inside and outside of the door. Continuous hearing of loud or unwanted noises distracts your mind. It is even not good for your health. So, you must think of soundproofing your door.

There are various types of soundproof curtains available in the market. Choosing the right curtain for your door is quite challenging.

Well, we have listed the best soundproof curtains for door, and you can buy any of them to block noise and sound effectively.

FAQ : Best Soundproof Curtains For Door

Q1. What is the best material for a soundproof door?

Ans : High-density materials are the best materials for soundproofing the door. It means solid doors can better block noise compared to hollow doors. However, the level of soundproofing depends on the type of wood.
Remember, hardwoods are better at blocking sound waves.

Q2.  Can I soundproof my door?

Ans : You can soundproof your door in various ways, i.e., by installing a door sweep, sealing gaps through weather stripping, or using soundproof blankets on the door.

Q3. Do soundproof curtains work?

Ans : Hanging soundproof curtains on your door will not make your room 100% soundproof. However, it can absorb some soundwaves and reduce noise to a greater extent.

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