7 Best Rug Pads For Soundproofing : Choose The Best One For You

Noise coming from downstairs neighbors is quite annoying. It can affect your physical and mental health. Well, if your downstairs neighbor is having a late-night party that disturbs your sleep, then you can soundproof your room. 

One of the best ways to soundproof your floor is by laying a rug pad. It helps to reduce both airborne and impact noise coming from your neighbors.

Additionally, the rug pad helps to prevent the rug from slipping underneath you. It adds another cushion layer on the floor, which helps to insulate the room.

But there are a lot of rug pads available in the market, which may confuse you at the time of buying. 

The article lists the seven best rug pads for soundproofing. So, you can keep reading the article to know some of the best rug pads you can lay on the floor for soundproofing your room.

What Are the Factors To Be Considered While Purchasing Best Rugpads For Soundproofing?

The factors that must be considered while buying the best rug pads for soundproofing are as follows.

1. Density

Try to look for rug pads that have high density. A dense pad can better resist furniture indentation.

2. Thickness

If you want more cushioning effect, then try to purchase thicker pads.

3. Resistant To Moisture

Are you thinking of laying the rug pad on an area usually exposed to moisture? If yes, then you must select a pad that will be moisture-resistant. It must have antimicrobial properties that help prevent mildew and mold growth.

4. Sound Absorption

Try to purchase rug pads that have good absorption qualities. They will help to reduce sound transmitted through floors and help in creating a peaceful environment in your room.

5. Installation

Try always to purchase rug pads that are pretty easy to install. You can easily trim it with the help of household scissors according to the rug size.

6. Material

The common materials used for rug pads include PVC, felt, and rubber foam, and all have different levels of cushioning. If you want to buy a rug pad for heavy-traffic areas, try purchasing rug pads made from PVC or rubber. They have a good grip and will work best in heavy-traffic areas.

7. Cost

The last factor you need to consider is cost. You need to purchase a good quality rug pad at an affordable price so that it will last for a longer time.

What Are The 7 Best Rug pads For Soundproofing?

1. SHARE WIN Nonslip Area Rug pad Gripper

The SHARE WIN rug pad consists of PVC material and has a powerful grip. The grip helps to keep the rug in its place for many years. 

Another great thing is a lifetime guarantee in buying this product. If you find any issues after purchasing, you can return it, and the Company will replace it free of cost.

These rug pads will help to keep your floor neat and clean. The open grid construction of the SHARE WIN rug pad will allow the air to circulate correctly and prevent dust from accumulating on your beautiful rug.

You can easily cut this rug pad with the help of scissors to have the proper size and shape. Just put the rug pad on the floor and then place the rug on top of it. You can then trim all the excess material.

Remember to place the rug pad on a clean, dry floor to prevent slipping. You should never use this rug pad on stairs. 

Additionally, remember not to use this product on any vinyl, carpet, lacquered, porous, or natural stone surfaces. It’s best to read the manufacturer’s recommendation before using it on your floor.

These rug pads greatly help to provide safety to you and your pets. They prevent trip hazards that are accidentally caused by rug slipping and bunching.


  • Durable
  • Elastic
  • You cannot easily tear it by hand.
  • Open grid construction
  • Invisible, powerful grip
  • Nonslip protection
  • Easy to install
  • Weight – 9.6ounces
  • You can use it on hard floors, laminate, tile, and hardwood.
  • Sixty inches in length and 36 inches in width.
  • It is made from PVC.
  • It is quite soft to touch.
  • Good customer service
  • Small space between woven parts


  • It is thick and sticky and holds the rug in its proper place.
  • You can easily cut this rug pad into the appropriate size.


  • The smell of the product is not good.

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2. Mohawk Home Rugpad 100% Felt Protective Cushion

The Mohawk home Rugpad consists of 95 percent polyester fibers and 5 percent other fibers, which provides a soft feel underfoot. 

It even helps to absorb the unwanted sound coming to your room through floors and provides insulation. You will get three thickness options while purchasing this product, i.e., ¼’’,⅜’’, and ½ ‘’.So you can choose the one according to your preferences.

The rug pad helps to protect your floor from damage like scrapes, scratches, punctures, and discoloration from the back of the rug. 

It even helps to protect your rug from bunching and wrinkling. It helps in keeping your rug smooth on the floor. You can even easily vacuum your rug because of this rug pad.

You can simply trim the rug pad with the help of scissors according to the size of your rug.

However, the Mohawk home rug pad has one limitation. 

You cannot use it in heavy traffic areas. This rug pad is not intended to prevent rugs from slipping. However, you can use it in places where it can be anchored by heavy furniture or large decor pieces.


  • It extends the life period of your rug.
  • Protect the floor from damage.
  • It adds insulation to your room
  • Sound absorption capability
  • Easy installation
  • You can simply trim it with the help of scissors.
  • It consists of plush felt fabric.
  • The weight of the product is 11.23 pounds.
  • Product dimensions:108’’length and 84’’ width.
  • Available in three thickness options
  • Made in USA and certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute


  • It makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the rug.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It protects your hardwood floors.
  • It does not use any adhesive while lying on the floor. So, this rug pad will not leave any marks during removal.
  • There are so many size options. You can choose the rug pad according to the area which you want to cover the floor of your room.
  • You can use this rug pad not only on a floor but also on carpet, tile, and hardwood floors.


  • The rug pad does not have much grip. So you cannot use it in heavy traffic areas.

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3. Gorilla Grip Felt And Natural Rubber Stay-in-place slip-resistant rug pad

The Gorilla grip felt rug pad has two thickness options, i.e., ¼ inches and 1/8th inch thickness. You can use this rug pad on almost any floor, i.e., cement, wood, and tile. 

The rug pad is a barrier preventing spilled drinks from reaching hard floors. It even helps to keep your floor neat and clean and prevent it from scratches.

The durable rubber backing on the floors helps to grip the floor gently. It even helps to prevent the rug from bunching and sliding in traffic areas of your home. 

So, it is the best option for a home with kids and pets. The rug pad even helps you to do the rug vacuuming easy.

The ultra-thick cushioning helps to make the rugs cozy and soft underfoot. The Gorilla grip rug pad is designed in such a way that it will not break like other rug pads. So, in short, this rug pad will last for several years.

The Gorilla grip felt rug pad is relatively easy to install. You must buy according to the rug size and lay it on the floor. You must keep the rug over it and trim all the excess material. This rug pad works best for almost all rug types, like tufted, wool, shag, and jute.


  • Easy to Trim
  • It makes vacuuming the rug easier.
  • There is a rubber backing on the underside of this rug pad.
  • Available in various sizes
  • It protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and scrapes.
  • You can use it on any floor, like cement and hardwood floors.
  • It works well with almost any rug type, like jute and wool.
  • It adds extra padding to your rug, thus making walking barefoot on it more comfortable.
  • It comprises of felt and natural rubber
  • Weight – 2.94 pounds.
  • 96 inches in length and 24 inches in width
  • Absorbs unwanted sound


  • The rug on top of the pad stays in place.
  • The pad makes the rug feel thicker.
  • It doesn’t leave any sticky residues on the floor during removal.


  • The rugs come with folded, which can cause creases.
  • You may be required to trim this rug pad for the perfect fit.

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4. RUGPADUSA thick longlasting comfortable rugpad

The RUGPADUSA rug pad consists of recycled fibers and contains no glues, latex, or PVC.So, if you wish to purchase an eco-friendly rug pad, this opinion is best for you.

It comprises 24 oz felt per square yard. You will find various size options for purchasing this product. There are three thickness options: ½ inches thick, 1/4 inches thick, and 3/8 inches thick. You can choose a thicker rug pad as they are great for absorbing unwanted sound and providing more cushioning effect.

The RUGPADUSA rug pads even protect your floor from stains and scratches. The pad is safe to use on almost all floors.

Another great thing about this rug pad is that it provides thermal insulation, which is quite beneficial in winter.

However, the pad is meant to be used only when anchored by heavy furniture. It even stays in place only if your rug is thick and heavy.


  • It is safe for use on almost all types of floors.
  • It is 100 percent felt and provides comfort to barefoot.
  • It can be used on almost all types of floors, like laminate and hardwood floors.
  • It protects your floor and prevents scratches and dents.
  • The product’s dimensions are 120 inches in length and 96 inches in width.
  • Weight -13.34 pounds
  • America made quality
  • The rug is made from recycled fibers and contains no glue, PVC, or latex.
  • It helps in absorbing sound.
  • It adds insulation to your room.


  • Long-lasting
  • Ecofriendly
  • Comfortable
  • Reduces noise and adds insulation


  • Thickness options are limited.

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5. Ferticorp Nonslip Rugpads

The Ferticorp nonslip rug pads are made from premium PVC material, which is nontoxic and safe for your health. The open grid weave technology allows continuous air circulation under the rug, and this ultimately makes the vacuuming of the rug easier.

You can use this rug pad on multiple floor surfaces like hardwood, tile, laminate, marble, and many more.

It is a nonslip rug pad that can hold your rug in its proper place. Additionally, it provides extra thickness and cushion to your rug and protects your floor from scratches and other damage.

You can easily trim this rug pad with the help of scissors to fit it into the proper size and shape of the rug. Remember, this rug pad should be cut one to two inches shorter than the rug perimeter.

You can use this rug pad only on hard floor surfaces. The Ferticorp nonslip Rug pads are lightweight and nonadhesive. Hence, it does not leave sticky stains on your floor.


  • Nonslip
  • Breathable
  • Allows air circulation
  • Prevents floor from scratches
  • Powerful grip
  • Lightweight
  • You can use this pad on your shelves, sofa, or drawers
  • Perfect to use on any floor
  • It makes vacuuming easier.
  • Easy installation
  • White color
  • It is made from polyvinyl chloride
  • Weight -4.97 pounds
  • One hundred twenty inches in length and 96 inches in width.


  • It holds the rug in its place.
  • You can easily trim this rug pad.
  • It protects your floor from scratches.


  • You may experience tiny mold spots with this rug pad. However, this happens mainly in snowy climates.

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6. Enjoy Holiday Nonslip Area Rugpad Gripper

If you want a good quality rug pad at an affordable price, then purchase the Enjoy Holiday Nonslip area rug pad gripper. It consists of high-quality PVC material, which is durable and robust. 

It ensures an environment-friendly space in your room. The open mesh structure increases airflow and prevents the accumulation of dust and moisture on the rug pad. It is super nonslip and protects your floor from scratches.

You will get different sizes of rug pads while purchasing this product. However, if you need different sizes, you can easily trim the Enjoy Holiday rug pad with the household scissors.

It is a multifunctional rug pad, i.e., you can use it on shelves, drawers, and jars.


  • It is made from PVC material.
  • Open mesh structure
  • Easy to install
  • Nonslip
  • Protects floor
  • Multifunctional
  • 10-year guarantee
  • It makes vacuuming easier
  • Color -Beige
  • Product weight -1.34 pounds


  • It holds the rug in place and prevents it from slipping.
  • Grips well
  • Easy installation
  • It works well, even on tile floors.


  • The product has a toxic smell, which may make your eyes and nose burn.

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7. LHFLIVE Nonslip Area Rugpad

It’s pretty annoying when your pet runs widely on a sliding rug. However, if you are tired of this thing, purchase an LHFLIVE nonslip area rugpad. It will help to keep your rug in its proper place and prevent it from bunching when children or pets are playing.

The thick padding of this rug pad provides a strong grip and makes your life easier. The open grid technology of this rug pad ensures that there will be good air circulation under the rug.

There are different size options available while purchasing the product. But if you need other sizes, then cut it with the help of scissors.

Always place on a clean, dry floor and smooth out all the wrinkles. Ensure that this rugpad should always lie flat in its place.


  • It is made from polyvinyl chloride.
  • Thick padding
  • Protects floor from scratches
  • Open grid technology
  • It makes vacuuming of the rug easier
  • Nonslip
  • It prevents the rug from bunching and sliding
  • Color -White
  • Product weight – 1.41 pounds


  • Protects floor from damage
  • Add cushioning to the rug.
  • You can handwash it if required and hang it dry
  • It keeps the rug in its proper place.
  • Easy to cut.


  • Occasional straightening may required.

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Rug pads are one of the best and most affordable ways to reduce noise and maintain a peaceful environment. It even prevents spilled drinks from reaching the floor and thus protects the floor from damage.

The best thing is that they require less maintenance. Some rug pads are machine washable, while others can be washed by hand when dirty. We have listed the seven best rug pads for soundproofing. You may buy any of them and have a quiet environment in your home.

FAQ : Best Rug Pads For Soundproofing 

Q1. What is the best material for a rug pad?

Ans : Natural rubber rug pads are one of the best rug pads as they have nonslip properties. But if you want a more comfortable rugpad, choose the pad which is a mix of rubber and felt.

Q2. What is the good thickness for a rugpad?

Ans : You may choose a rug pad of thickness ½ inches,3/8th inches, or ¼ inches.

Q3. Are rugpads a good idea?

Ans : Yes, rugpads are one of the best options to absorb sound. It acts as a barrier between your floor and rug and thus prevents the floor from scratches or any other damage.

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