7 Best Door Sound Blocker (Review) : Make Your Home Noise Free !

Imagine your neighbor is often having a late-night party. The noise easily enters through your and disrupts your sleep.

Continuous hearing noise can make you irritable and frustrated within small few days. It even hampers your physical and mental health. 

The sound waves easily enter the room if you have hollow doors. If you stay in the apartment, you cannot change the door to a solid one. But there are various ways by which you can soundproof your door effectively and reduce noise.

The article discusses the best door sound blocker. So, you can keep reading this article to learn about some products that effectively minimize sound waves entering the door.

Buying Guide For Best Door Sound Blocker 

Do you want to purchase a door sound blocker? If yes, then you must consider various factors before buying. We are listing certain factors below.

1. Thickness And Density

You need to purchase a door sound blocker of higher thickness and density. It will even help to insulate your room.

2. Installation

You need to choose a door sound blocker that will be pretty easy to install. Purchase a sound blocker that will not require any specialized tools for installation.

 For example, you may choose adhesive installation, screw installation, or simply hanging over the door for soundproofing.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Choose a door sound blocker that will be visually appealing and match the room’s style and decor.

4. Versatile

You need to choose a sound blocker that is versatile. You can use that product in various doors like sliding, glass, and many more.

5. Sealing Mechanism

You need to seal the gap between the door and the door frame. Try to purchase weather stripping or gasket to have a proper seal. Remember, a small gap is enough to transmit sound waves.

6. User Reviews

Read other people’s reviews for the product you wish to buy. If most people have recommended that product, they prefer to buy it.

7. Brand

Try always to purchase door sound blockers from good brands.

What Are The 7 Best Door Sound Blocker?

The door is the main culprit for entering soundwaves to enter inside the room. Hence you have soundproof your door effectively.

Below, We have listed some of the best door sound blockers that can help minimize noise.

1. Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper Weather Stripping Noise Blocker

Do you have a gap beneath the door? If yes, the small gap is enough to transmit sound waves inside the room and vice versa.

Well, you can soundproof it with a Holikme Twin door draft stopper. It can easily fit doors 30 -36 inches wide. The door gap can vary from 0.5 to 1.7 inches to fit the Holikme twin door draft stopper.

So please measure the gap beneath the door and the width of the door before purchasing this product.

The product is thick, tight and does not move while opening the door. The door draft stopper is made from high-quality materials and hence will not tear with constant opening and closing of the door.

Another great thing is that they can effectively block cold air, hot wind, noise pests, dust, and smoke, thus making the indoors comfortable.

The product comprises of bag with two covers and foam bars. The foam bars are well adjusted in the bag that will never come out on repeated opening and closing of the door. You may need to cut the foam bars according to the door size. 

You have to insert the foam bar inside the covers. Push it deep inside so that the cover will completely cover the foam bar. You can then close the cover and seal it with the velcro lining. 

You need to slide the product so that the folded end should be outside the door and then stick the second velcro to the hinge side. 

So these few steps are quite easy, and you can easily install the door draft stopper beneath your door and soundproof your room.

The bag of this product can be washed and reused again. The best thing is you can even wash the bag in the machine. But try to set a low temperature while washing the bag. 


  • It fits the doors up to 2 inches thick with a gap of 0.5 to 1.7 inches.
  • The width of the door can vary from 30 to 36 inches to fit the product.
  • Block noise, smoke, cold air, and smoke effectively.
  • Detachable bag 
  • The bag can be machine washed and reused again.
  • Hook and loop fastener design


  • Long-lasting 
  • Durable
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Easily install the product within 5 minutes.
  • It makes the door smooth and silent while closing.


  • The product is not visually appealing.

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2. Grotheory 2-Pack Door Draft Stopper 

The Grotheory 2-pack door draft stopper is appropriately designed to block sound and prevent dust, cold air, and pests from entering the room.

 Thus, it helps keep your room clean, quiet, and insulated in winter. The self-adhesive product can easily fit in the gaps beneath the door. It can easily fit and cover gaps in exterior and interior doors, the basement, and the garage. 

They consist of silicon material that can easily bend and deform. The product is quite flexible and will not damage your floor on installation.

Grotheory 2-pack door draft stopper is relatively easy to install. You need to cut the strip according to the width of the door. You must clean the gap beneath the door to remove the dust and dirt. Cleaning is necessary so the strip can adhere to the floor properly. Peel the bottom of the strip and then apply it to the gap beneath the door. We recommend not opening and closing the door for approximately 12 hours after installation.


  • The strip is made from silicon.
  • The three-layer design helps to block noise along with dust and pests effectively.
  • Easy to install.
  • Four color options are available, i.e., black, brown, white, and grey.
  • Weight -10.8 ounces
  • It is 39 inches long and 2 inches wide.


  • It makes the room more efficient while heating or cooling and thus reduces electricity bills and money.
  • The adhesive is extremely strong
  • Effective in blocking noise
  • Keeps home clean and quiet.
  • Durable


  • The strip may create noise while opening the door.

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3. MAXTID Under Door Draft Blocker Black Door Draft Stopper

The MAXTID door draft black door draft stopper is available in various color options like black, brown, gray, and white.

It helps to reduce draft and cold air from entering your room. Thus it helps to keep your room insulated. Simultaneously it helps to reduce noise, light, dust, and smell from entering your rooms which is quite impressive.

The door draft stopper can easily fit doors up to 38 inches and covers a gap of approximately 1.4 inches.

You can easily install this product beneath the door. You have just to slide the door stopper beneath the door. The best thing about this product is that it will not damage your door. It will simply move along with the door.


  • The weight of the product is 7.8 ounces.
  • Fit door upto 38 inches 
  • Cover gaps of 1.4 inches
  • Available in various color options


  • Easy installation
  • Durable


  • It doesn’t have enough elasticity.

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4. Fowong White Door Weather Stripping 

The gap between the door and doorframe is quite a small gap. But the gap is enough to allow sound waves to enter the room and distract you. Continuously listening to outdoor noise can make you crazy, and you will try various things to reduce outdoor noise. 

Weatherstripping is a cheap and affordable way to seal the gap. They are pretty easy to install. One of the best weatherstrippings you can buy is Fowong white door weatherstripping.

It is made from CR foam and neoprene, which are denser than the EPDM rubber foam seal.

Some people may not like the smell of the foam. In such a case, you can leave the product in a ventilated space for a few hours and then install it. 

The Fowong white door weather stripping is so soft that you can customize it for various purposes. For instance, this high-density foam tape can be used in sports equipment for resisting shock and providing cushion.

You can use this tape on the door thresholds and window sills for shock absorption and skidproof. It also protects the place from wearing out quickly.

Your first duty is to measure the height and width of the door with the measuring tape. Clean the gap between the door and door frame properly. You can use a soap-water solution to clean it. Allow the gap to dry thoroughly.

You can then cut the Fowong weatherstripping according to the measurement of the door with a scissor or a utility knife. Pull the back film and install it in the gap between the door and frame.


  • Weatherproof
  • Reduces noise
  • High flexibility and 30 percent resilience.
  • There are two rolls in one pack
  • Total length 26 feet
  • 13 feet length in one roll
  • Weight -3.52 ounces
  • Thickness – 6mm
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Dustproof
  • Self-adhesive
  • It can be used in various door sizes like sliding doors, barn doors, French doors, metal doors, and many more.
  • Energy-efficient and reduces heating and cooling costs.


  • Look nice and effective
  • Good quality
  • Easy to install
  • It blocks outdoor noise.


  • Some customers say that the adhesive is weak.

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5. Suptikes 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper

A gap beneath the door can easily cause sound waves to enter the room. Additionally, using air conditioning in the summer will cause cold air to escape outside through the gap. The AC has to work harder, and thus it increases your electricity bill. The same happens with the case of the room heater.

The Suptikes 2-pack door draft stopper prevents warm or cold air from escaping outside. Thus it helps to reduce the electricity bill. It has two layers of seal which help to effectively reduce sound waves from entering the room.

You have first to measure the width of the door. You have to cut the strip according to the door size. Remove the back of the adhesive and then preheat it for a few minutes with a hair dryer in the winter months to stick appropriately. Now attach it to the door.

You can utilize this door draft stopper in various doors and windows like glass doors, sliding doors, wooden doors, cupboards, furniture, and shower room.


  • The product is 37 inches in length
  • It can easily fill gaps of one inch.
  • The width of the product is 1-4/5 inches
  • Self-adhesive
  • Two-layer sealer
  • Wide applications


  • Make your space clean and comfortable
  • It reduces noise effectively.
  • Quite easy to install


  • The adhesion starts to wear off after some days.

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6. MAGZO Under Door Weather Seal

Continuous hearing of noise will disrupt you a lot. You cannot even sleep peacefully. So you need a door sound blocker which will reduce noise effectively.

The MAGZO under-door weather seal comprises high-quality silicone, which lasts for a long time. It can block noise and prevent pests and cold air from entering the room.

The door seal is almost 39 inches in length and 2 inches in width. It is suitable to use if you have a door gap of at most 1 inch.

The MAGZO under-door weather seal helps to keep the room warmer in cold months and cooler in summer months. Thus it helps to reduce the electricity bill.

It is pretty easy to install the door weather seal. First, clean the gap under the door and allow it to dry thoroughly. 

Now cut the MAZGO under the door weather seal according to your door size. You can then remove the back glue and attach it to the door weather guard on the door. It will take hardly two to three minutes to install. This product’s three-layer design helps to block noise up to 5 times. 


  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Three-layer design
  • You can easily cut the strip
  •  Easy installation
  • The product fits a door width less than or equal to 39 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 3.4 ounces.


  • The seal adheres to the front side of the door and looks fantastic.
  • It blocks sound, light, and dust.
  • It helps in keeping your room insulated.
  • It saves your electricity bills.


  • The adhesive will not work in freezing weather.

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7. Home District Draft Dodger

The gap under the door usually enters the sound waves and cold air inside the room, which is frustrating. You can purchase a Home District draft dodger to eliminate this issue. It is also a fashionable addition to your room decor.

The draft dodger prevents the cold air from entering the room and reduces electricity bills. Simultaneously it prevents sound waves from entering the room, and thus you can concentrate on your work or sleep peacefully.

The draft dodger has four gravel weights on the bottom of the Draft dodger to have a stable placement.

It is available in various color options like chocolate, gray, light brown, and navy. So, you can choose according to your preferences. The outer material of Draft Dodger is made from polyester, and the inner material consists of polyester fiberfill and gravel.

The draft dodger is approximately 36 inches long and can easily fit the gaps beneath the door. You will observe a silky rope handle is there on this product. You can use this handle to carry the product anywhere without any problem.


  • Weight -1.66 pounds
  • It is 36 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter
  • Various color options
  • It comprises a silky rope handle
  • Fashionable
  • Effective insulator
  • Durable & stylish
  • Outer material consists of polyester
  • The inner material consists of polyester fiberfill and gravel


  • It is heavy enough and stays in position.
  • Food for blocking cold air inside the home.
  • Reduces noise inside the room.


  • The distribution of weight inside the product is weird.
  • Some customers are not happy with the color options.

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Soundproofing a door is essential to stay peacefully in your home. Well, you need first to detect the gaps in the door and then try to seal it. 

The gap is mainly present beneath the door. These gaps are pretty small but can enter noise. So you need to seal this gap to reduce noise.

We have listed some of the best door sound blocker in the article. You can purchase any of them and try to place them beneath the door and seal the gap. It will significantly help to minimize noise

FAQ : best door sound blocker

Q1. What is the best door for sound blocking?

Ans : Steel and fiberglass material doors are best for sound blocking as they have different layers of materials.

Q2. How do you block sound through a door?

Ans : You can block sound through a door in various ways. For instance, you can install a soundproof blanket or mass-loaded vinyl sheets on the door to minimize noise. You can seal the gap between the door and frame to block sound waves.

Q3. Can I put soundproof foam on the door?

Ans : You can install soundproof foam on the door with the help of double-sided tape. It usually costs $10 to $100, depending on the panel.

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