9 Best Bed Bug Spray Review : No Harsh Chemicals

Bed bugs are small, brown oval insects. These insects cannot fly but can be pretty terrible and annoying. They can hide almost anywhere, i.e., furniture, baseboards, or even suitcases.

Fortunately, they don’t spread diseases, but the bite marks can cause severe itching. If you scratch the affected site extensively, you may have an infection. You may also have different allergic reactions because of these insects. So, in short, these insects are pretty terrible and annoying.

They feed on the blood of human beings. Bed bugs only require 5 minutes to swell up with blood, and then they hide in any place in your home for digestion or laying eggs. A female bed bug can lay almost 100 eggs at a time.

Fortunately, there are various bed bug sprays available in the market. These sprays can kill the insects which come in contact with them within a few minutes. You can use these sprays in places where bedbugs reside, primarily at home, like suitcases or corners of mattresses.

We have listed the nine best bed bug spray in this article. You can scroll through this article to learn about the bed bug sprays you can buy to get rid of these annoying insects at home.

What Are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are terrible pests. Small brown oval-shaped insects identify them. These insects pass through different stages before growing into a full-size adult.

The bedbug starts its lifecycle with an egg the size of its head. The eggs are white and milky in color. A female bedbug can lay almost 500 eggs in her lifetime. 

The eggs are laid in clusters or placed in crevices. The eggs start hatching within two weeks, and the immature bedbugs feed instantly.

The nymphs pass through 5 molts before reaching the adult stage. They are small in size and are not sexually mature. Young nymphs are generally yellow-white.

Adult bed bugs turn red after biting human beings. The adults are pretty dangerous as they inject an anticoagulant, the primary reason for itching. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects. Hence, they usually bite at night.

Bedbugs live for almost four to six months. However, some bedbugs live for one year in cool conditions.

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Buyer’s Guide To Choosing Best Bed Bug Spray

1. Effectiveness

The bedbug spray that you will purchase needs to work instantly as soon as you pull the trigger. When an insect-like bedbug comes in contact with the spray, it should die immediately or spread to its relative if formulated. Effectiveness means the ability of the spray to remain active after use.

2. Easy To Use

Try always to buy bedbug sprays that come with a nozzle. They are pretty easy to apply.

3. Safety

Are you concerned about the chemical substances present in the Bedbug sprays? If yes, then consider sprays that have natural or organic ingredients.

4. Ingredients

  • Active Ingredients

Look for sprays with ingredients like pyrethroids, which instantly kill bedbugs on contact.

  • Residual Effect

The residual effect means the spray will continue to work for a few weeks after application. 

5. Stains

Always look for sprays that will not cause stains on any material or surfaces.

What Are The 9 Best Bedbug Sprays?

1. Bedlam Plus 17 OZ, Clear

The Bedlam MGK plus spray is quite effective in killing bedbugs. Once you spray this product, it will last for almost two weeks. You can use this product on mattresses, fabrics, or any other material. Thankfully, this product will not create any stains on the material. It contains two primary ingredients for dual modes of action.


  • Spray type
  • Weight:1.3 pounds
  • Liquid volume is 17 ounces
  • Dimensions of the product are 10.51*3.86*2.6 inches


  • It can kill bedbugs within a short time.
  • Worth of money


  • The product usually goes out of stock because of high demand.

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2. Bedbug Killer 16oz Ecovenger By Ecoraider

The Ecovenger Bedbug Killer can easily kill all stages of bedbugs, i.e., eggs, nymphs, and adults. The spray is highly effective in killing bedbug eggs.

The product is non-toxic and safe for children and pets. The research shows that Ecoraider bedbug killer protects against bedbugs for almost two weeks, even after it dries out.

We recommend to read the instructions carefully before using the product. 

Try to shake well and spray on mattresses, chairs, carpets, clothes, and especially seams or joint areas. 

You can repeat this process every week until your house doesn’t have bedbugs.

Small items like shoes, toys, and electronics may have bedbug eggs. You can place them in a heavy-duty plastic bag. 

Take a towel and damp it with the Ecovenger Bed bug killer. Place this towel inside the plastic bag and seal it tightly. Leave it for almost one or two weeks, and open the bag. You will be surprised to see that bed bug killers have killed eggs of the bed bugs from all the small items.


  • Nontoxic
  • Ecofriendly
  • Item volume -480 milliliters
  • Tested by entomologists.
  • It can kill 80 percent of bedbug eggs and 100 percent of adult bedbugs.


  • Safe
  • Effective in removing bedbugs from home.
  • It can kill all stages of bedbugs.


  • Cheap nozzle
  • The smell is a bit unpleasant

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3. Harris Toughest Bedbug Killer

Do you want an odorless bedbug spray at home to get rid of the insects? If yes, then you must purchase the Harris toughest bedbug killer.

 It is odorless and will not cause stains on the material. The spray can even kill pyrethroid-resistant bedbugs(i.e., those that have built a resistance to traditional pesticides). It even kills bedbug eggs, which prevents further bedbugs from spreading inside your house.

If you see bedbugs, directly spray the Harris Toughest bedbug killer. It will kill the insects instantly. You can apply this product as a spot treatment where you find slight evidence of bedbugs like box springs, bed frames, furniture, closets, carpet edges, and luggage.

 The mattress treatments must be restricted to seams and edges. You need to spray the product from 6 to 8 inches until slightly damp. Allow it to dry completely before replacing the bedding.

Another great thing is that the spray can kill the bedbugs up to 16 weeks after application.

Try to turn the spray nozzle to the off position when you are not using the product.


  • Volume -128 fluid ounces
  • Liquid spray
  • Unscented
  • Nonstaining
  • EPA certified
  • It can kill the bed bugs instantly and leaves a residue for almost 16 weeks, sufficient to kill the insect.
  • It can kill bedbug eggs.
  • It can kill pyrethroid-resistant bedbugs.
  • Weight -1 pounds
  • Dimensions of the product are 1*1*1 inches


  • It kills bedbugs effectively.
  • Odorless


  • The sprayer is not very accurate. There is a chance of spreading chemicals if not handled carefully.

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4. PT Airplane Flea And Bedbug Pressurized Insecticide

The PT airplane flea and bedbug pressurized insecticide is specially formulated to kill all stages of bedbugs, including pyrethroid-resistant bedbugs. The spray bottle has pressurized technology, which makes the application easy. It even dries very quickly.

Another great thing about the product is that it kills bed bugs and harmful insects inside your home. You can spray on multiple items at your home, including tufts and seams of mattresses. You can even apply it on the perimeter of the entire room, furniture box, luggage, and many more. 

The spray is best for killing eggs, nymphs, and adult bedbugs. The PT airplane bed bug spray is safe for pets and kids. The bottle looks too small (20 ounces)but is enough for spraying more than 2500 square feet.


  • It prevents the bedbug from hatching.
  • Safe for pets.
  • Volume -591.77 milliliters
  • The bottle can treat 2625 square feet.
  • Weight -1.2 pounds


  • The spray is easy to use. It quickly goes through the small cracks and gaps and kills bedbugs and other harmful insects like fleas.
  • It is excellent for killing bedbugs.


  • It is not a long-term solution to killing bedbugs.

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5. Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug

You can use Ortho Home Defense Max bed bug to kill bedbugs, bedbug eggs, fleas, and ticks. You can use this spray even to kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs.

Ortho home defense spray can be used as a spot treatment, i.e., if you see any bedbugs moving in your house, spray the product directly on it. It will kill the insect instantly.


  • The product kills bedbugs, fleas, and ticks
  • Volume -1 gallons
  • Weight -9.46 pounds
  • Product dimensions:4.88*8.95*12 inches


  • Highly concentrated
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • Easy to use. You can spray even in tight corners.
  • It kills fleas and their eggs.
  • It kills bedbug eggs and prevents their transmission.


  • It can harm sensitive people.

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6. Eco defense Bed bug killer

The Eco defense bed bug killer comprises natural, organic, and nontoxic ingredients that can ward off bedbugs of all their life stages(i.e., eggs, nymphs, and adults) from your home.

Most homeowners think bedbug spray can cause stains on materials like bedsheets, mattresses, and clothes. But you don’t need to worry about it. 

This product will not cause any stain on the bedding and other materials on application. It is made from natural products and is safe for children and kids on contact.

The product is extremely fast in killing bedbugs and is more effective than bedbug traps, powders, and foggers.


  • Remove bedbugs from your home
  • Cost-effective
  • One hundred percent is safe for children and pets.
  • It is made from natural and organic ingredients.
  • Liquid volume -1 gallon


  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • It can cover a larger area
  • It comprises plant-based ingredients and hence absolutely safe for everyone in your home.


  • The nozzle provided is not good. You may have difficulty in pulling out the spray.

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7. Fenvastar Ecocap

The Fenvastar Ecocap from LG Lifescience of America brand targets bedbugs and other harmful insects like carpenter bees, stink bugs, spiders, and ants. Its active ingredient is Esfenvalerate (3.5%). You can use this product indoors as well as outdoors. But try to keep this bottle away from children.

You need to shake the product properly before using it. You must add approximately half the water inside the spray tank during shaking. 

You have to add the concentrate and mix it properly. You can then add the remaining water into the spray tank. Mix properly and then spray on target insects. Mix one to two ounces of concentrate for one gallon of water in a hand pump sprayer.

Applying a second burst of spray for one second for one square foot of treated area is recommended.


  • Liquid volume is 227.3 milliliters
  • The active ingredient is Esfenvalerate -3.5 %.
  • The weight of the product is 11.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions -1.8*3.65*6.65 inches
  • It kills bedbugs and other insects.


  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • Residual effect.


  • It does not kill bedbugs immediately.

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8.Proof BedBug & Dust Mite Killer

The proof bedbug and dust mite killer contain plant-based ingredients that effectively kill bed bugs, eggs, and dust mites. The active ingredient is cold-pressed neem oil in this product.

You can use this product on mattresses and curtains, furniture, carpets, and many more.

The product is relatively easy to use. You have to shake the bottle properly before using it. Spray it on all the affected surfaces of the room. The 16 Fl Oz is enough to spray in a 96-square-foot room area. 

You can close all the doors and windows and allow the product to do its work for almost 4-5 hours. The product will smell a bit but work wonders on the insects. It will continue to kill bedbugs and their eggs for approximately two weeks.

 Now, after 4 hours, you need to wipe all the hard surfaces and wash the loose items which can be laundered.


  • Product Dimensions – 8.23*2.4*3.5 inches
  • Weight of the product -1 pound 
  • Scent -Lemon grass
  • Item volume -16 fluid ounces
  • Material Feature -Organic


  • It is an organic product
  • You can apply various materials to kill bedbugs effectively.


  • You have to apply constantly to get effective results.

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9. Bioadvanced Home Pest Germ Killer Indoor & Outdoor Insect Killer

The Bioadvanced home pest germ killer can kill almost 60 insects in your home, like bedbugs, crickets, flies, and many more. It can even kill 99.99 percent of germs harmful insects may leave behind in your house. The best thing is that it can provide 12 months of protection after application.

You can use it indoors and outdoors to get rid of annoying insects. Don’t leave any cracks or crevices inside your house while spraying. The bedbugs can lay eggs there and spread rapidly.

 Additionally, you can spray throughout the perimeter of your home to get rid of bedbugs. However, you need to direct the nozzle almost 12 inches from the surface you need to treat.


  • It weighs 9.05 pounds
  • Liquid volume -128 fluid ounces
  • It can kill various insects at home, like ants, bedbugs, crickets, fire ants, and many more.
  • It provides 12 months of protection from the insects.
  • It kills almost 99.9 percent of germs that the insects may leave.
  • You can use it both for indoor as well as outdoor purposes.
  • It doesn’t stain on the materials applied.
  • There is no harsh odor.
  • Pets can return after drying the product.


  • It can kill numerous insects


  • The product is not made specially for bedbugs.
  • The product does the job only for a certain period, after which you can again see insects.

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Bedbugs are pretty irritating pests. They can reside on any materials or space inside your home, like holes, crevices, seams, mattresses, or even suitcases. The female bedbugs lay almost 500 eggs in their lifetime; thus, they will keep spreading the bedbug inside your home. 

These nocturnal animals feed on the blood of human beings. Remember, their biting can cause severe infection.

You need to buy certain bedbug sprays to get rid of them. We have listed here the nine best bedbug sprays. You can buy them to flush out these insects from your home.

Q1.  How do I get rid of bedbugs permanently?

Ans : You can remove bedbugs permanently by vacuuming floors and mattresses in your room. You must also wash clothes and textiles once a week in hot water. You can use caulk to seal all the cracks and crevices inside your house so that bedbugs cannot lay eggs.

Q2. What kills bedbugs 100% ?

Ans :Steam of very high temperatures can kill bedbugs instantly. So apply steam of 212 degrees Fahrenheit to the sofa seams, bedframes, and corners of your house where there are high chances of bedbugs.

Q3. What spray kills bedbugs permanently?

Ans : Pyrethroids are chemical insecticides that act like pyrethrins. They are lethal for bedbugs and can instantly flush out these insects from corners, edges, or other places inside your home.

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  1. Hi you have given great advice. I look online and some advice is to use HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to remove bed bug horrible stain. As far as I am aware HYDROGEN PERIXIDE has bleaching agent which will bleach mattress or clothing, so it’s not wise. I honestly have never seen what BED BUG looks like, until two weeks ago I saw a bug on my bed moving in front of my eyes and I flicked it off and thought nothing about it. Within an hour a bed bug appeared again which I thought it was the same one which got back on my bed. After I keep seeing these creatures appearing on my bed at night at night and on waking up in the morning, I then lifted my pillow on the other side of my bed and saw what I realized is a bed bug laying there quite happily. I was horrified, I picked it up with a piece of paper and pour hot water over it then flushed it down the toilet. I decided to look at my mattress at my bed head and WOW there was a few more and it appears that my mattress must have squashed them as there was black mark and also around the sides of my mattress. I have never known anything like it in all my life, I say this because I am a pensioner. My mattress it sparkling clean, because I use mattress protector. My goodness I am still horrified. I now bought A BED BUG KILLER and I have sprayed the whole of my mattress, removed it from the divan and sprayed the divan and I sprayed the carpet. At the moment the mattress the mattress has been taken off the divan ane my bedroom windows are left open. I have finished the whole 400ml of BED BUG KILLER SPRAY, I had to wear a mask as I am asthmatic and i am very sensitive to chemical although not with bleach, and I also wear gloves during the process . I have just used the BED BUG KILLER (AVITO ADVANCE INSECT KILLER), .can you advice on what to use and remove the BED BUG horrible black stain at the top of my mattress between the headboard. I was so horrified that I sprayed the head board and carpet. Your professional advice is much appreciated, how to remove BED BUG and their horrible stain.


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